Gladyators co-founder Rashie Jain-Building a patient-centric cancer centre

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An inspiring journey of Rashie Jain, an entrepreneur who believes in innovation. She is the co-founder of, a virtual cancer care platform providing services to 15 countries worldwide. has achieved tremendous success within 2 and a half years since its inception. is a Bengaluru-based healthcare company,  offering online cancer treatments through some of the finest oncologists in the country.

"Building a startup is a daunting job. On one hand, you have immensely challenging situations to tackle that nobody has actually achieved effectively in the past. On the other side, resources like money and time (especially time) are scarce. In this case, some of the greatest brains have to be employed to develop a business. But after that, it's really a delight to collaborate alongside some of the industry's most accomplished and brightest people to create experiences that our consumers care about and overcome these obstacles head-on" she adds.


Check out this interview with Rashie Jain, co-founder and CEO of

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