10 Beautiful Celebrity Homes We Cannot Stop Swooning Over

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By Vaishnavi Srivastava 

Sitting in a cozy room adorned with beautiful interiors and sipping on hot coffee, reading a book with mellow music playing in the background. This is exactly how we picture the celebrities living in their houses, right? It’s time for a sneak peek inside the house of your favorite celebrity and see how aesthetically pleasing their residences actually are! We will be unraveling the luxuries, stories, tears, and emotions manifested in those grandeur houses we always want to step in once. 

From impeccable interiors to subtle walls and hues, we will be walking you through 10 beautiful celebrity houses and you will end up all drooling over the shenanigans of all of them just as much as we did while searching for them. And if by chance you happen to be a decor lover(which we know you will be by the end of this blog), you will go all head over heels on the wonderful decor items and pieces these celebrities have adorned with. Without any ado, let’s unfold the aesthetics. 

Shahrukh Khan’s - MANNAT

Source- https://housing.com/news/the-mansion-called-mannat/ 

Nothing less than a wish coming true! This house called MANNAT meaning ‘wish’ belongs to none other than but the Romance King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, and his gorgeous wife Gauri Khan. With her work in this house, Gauri has yet again proven the fact that a woman is the best homemaker. She has designed and adorned her entire house and how. From interiors to decor, everything in MANNAT justifies its name. 

Akshay Kumar’s Nature Escape

Source- https://www.vogue.in/culture-and-living/content/twinkle-khanna-akshay-kumar-house-pictures-videos-sea-facing-duplex-mumbai 

The Khiladi of Bollywood loves to breathe in the serenity that is nurtured by the love of nature. This is evidently visible in his and his wife Twinkle Khanna’s lavish house in Prime Beach. The entire house feels like lying in the laps of nature is subtly decorated and designed with influential art and decor pieces by Mrs. Khanna and exudes extremely tranquil and positive vibes. 

Big B’s - JALSA

Source- https://www.indiatvnews.com/entertainment/celebrities-amitabh-bachchan-s-house-jalsa-witness-beauty-and-grandeur-by-having-an-inside-tour-of-royal-abode-543550 

JALSA meaning ‘celebration’ is just the right name given to the Big man’s house in the B-Town. The aura of the Bachhans reminds all of us of the famous ‘parampara, pratishtha, anushasan’ - believing all of these are religiously followed by the Junior Bachhans in this residence. Having Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachhan gracing the house with her warmth and love, what much will be ever needed to adorn the house, right? 


Source- https://curlytales.com/saif-ali-khan-always-owned-pataudi-palace-never-had-to-buy-it-with-%e2%82%b9800-crores/ 

Even though Saif and his ravishing wife Kareena along with their two adorable sons do not live in the PATAUDI PALACE, it belongs to them from flesh to soul. Built by the last ruling Nawab of Pataudi, this palace is Saif’s ancestral home and he owns it and flaunts it with all the oomph needed. Ah! How we all wish to get just one glimpse of this Nawabi palace for real, don’t we? 

Priyanka Chopra’s Empire

Source- https://www.indiatimes.com/entertainment/with-only-a-few-days-left-for-the-d-day-bride-to-be-pc-s-mumbai-house-is-all-decked-up-357392.html 

This Desi girl from India is setting the entire world on fire with her stupefying talent and sensational presence. Queening all the way to Mumbai, she owns 5 flats in the ‘Raj Classics’ apartment where she spends quality time with her family whenever she is blessing the country with her presence. She also drops by to take her husband for a city tour and both the love birds live a lavish and luxurious life in the apartment adorned with everything sprawling. 

Shilpa Shetty’s - KINARA

Source- https://www.herzindagi.com/society-culture/inside-photos-from-shilpa-shetty-raj-kundra-palatial-seaside-home-article-131200 

Not just UP and Bihar, but this time Shilpa Shetty will steal the hearts of all of us right here with her supreme choice and selection of the gorgeous art pieces her house named ‘Kinara’ is decked with. She owns a massive house with everything artsy and attractive just like her! We can’t help but fall in love with all the aesthetics that her house is dipped in. 

Hritik’s - PARAS

Source- https://www.architecturaldigest.in/content/bollywood-actor-hrithik-roshan-house-photos/ 

Our hearthrob- Hritik  Roshan resides in an enormous and luxurious house located in Juhu, called by the name- ‘Paras’. The actor’s house is levied with nooks and corners for his two sons and their comfort and luxuries. Right from a foosball table to a chocolate vending machine, his house is everything we all crave to be in. Mr. Roshan personally customized his entire house just as he liked it and turned his entire mansion into a super-chill space for him and his sons. 

John Abraham’s - VILLA IN THE SKY 

Source- https://www.architecturaldigest.in/content/bollywood-john-abraham-mumbai-house/ 

Known by the mesmerizing name ‘Villa in the Sky’, John’s abode looks everything between subtle, pure, and pious. Decked with some extremely intricate and subtle interiors, the actor’s penthouse is a perfect definition of a place having a touch of wood, waters, and everything natural. Overall, it’s a very calming place to reside in this Villa in the Sky. 

Shahid Kapoor’s Mansion

Source- https://www.gqindia.com/entertainment/content/shahid-kapoor-mira-kapoor-mumbai-home-rs-30-crore-worth 

The real life Kabir Singh to his super stunning wife Mira Rajput resides in a wonderful apartment in Worli. Along with his lovely wife and two adorable children, his apartment is not only adorned with the lovely interiors but also the giggles and laughters of his super cute family. His duplex apartment is in a luxurious building and is the home of dreams for a lot of us!

Kapoor’s - KRISHNA RAJ

Source- https://www.peepingmoon.com/entertainment-news/news/17486/Rishi-and-Neetu-Kapoor-will-move-into-their-new-house-by-Ranbir-to-join-them.html 

Our all time favourite Sawariya Boy Ranbir Kapoor is a mumma’s boy and is not planning to leave his ancestral home anytime soon. His ancestral home was bought by his grandfather Raj Kapoor and is nothing less than a place giving birth to legends. The house belongs to the Kapoor’s and there is no need to mention how grand and huge it is with all the shimmers and shines. Just like the chic Kapoor family, their house too matches up with every beat of their glam. 

Deepika’s Royal Abode

Source- https://housing.com/news/deepika-padukone-home/ 

The unsurpassed queen of B-Town Deepika Padukone is not only an actress but is also a headstrong and independent woman who lives life on her own terms. She lives in an apartment in Bandra that is lit by her aura and smile 24x7. With her living room equipped with a huge piano and her pictures embedded in gold frames, her luxurious house is a high-end and superior residence where her majesty along with her lover turned husband now resides. 

So, these were the luxurious and deluxe houses of the 10 B-Town celebrities all of us wanted to know about. We hope you loved taking a tour of all these wonderful residences and are now craving for more just like us. We will be back with another 10 celebrities(with a twist) on the list and will be doing a virtual home tour all over again! 

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