• Webinar on the representation of women in STEM fields and research

    6 p.m. IST - 7 p.m. IST
    Shilpa Bharwdwaj 1 hour session
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    We have often come across engineering college jokes stating the plight of engineering boys when it comes to dating girls from their class. There are no ‘Enough’ girls out there for the boys because of the ratio of the boys to the ratio of girls in the class. But this condition highlights a far grave situation than the usual dating issue. The number of women in science and engineering is rising, but men still outnumber women, particularly at the upper level of these careers. In the primary, middle, and high school, girls and boys take math and science classes in nearly equal percentages, and as many girls as boys leave high school ready to take majors in science and engineering at college. Yet fewer women than men are undertaking these majors. Despite attempts to improve gender diversity in a wide variety of scientific sectors, women continue to face the belief that they lack expertise and talent. Undergraduate college is a crucial period where peer influence will alter the option of majors and professions for women interested in science.

    That’s why we thought of discussing this grave problem in this society: The representation of women in STEM fields and research. And we have an expert who will throw some light on ‘Why have women been underrepresented in research and STEM fields?’ And ‘what we can do to minimise this gender gap in STEM and research?’  Register now for the webinar with Shilpa Bhardwaj and let’s pledge to encourage women and girls to be a part of STEM fields and research.