10 Evergreen Nail Colours To Die For!

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                                      By Vaishnavi Srivastava

Apart from all the chunky bracelets and dainty rings, the one thing that can instantly make your hands look super cute and pretty are nail colours. Why go bare when you can make them stare! Right? 

Painting your nails with colours that are trendy and look extremely chic and pretty does not only make your nails look well-groomed but also serves a purpose. Going bare on your nails and coating them with any colour or polish can result in the chapping, peeling, and cracking. If your nails have a coat of colour on them, they will be protected against all of these things while looking extremely pretty!

So, here’s a list of 10 evergreen nail colours that can be worn anytime and they will make you look super trendy on the go! 

1. Lakme True Wear Nail Colour- N525

If you are a fan of nude tones that have a hint of brown and orange in them, then this is the one you might be looking for! This beautiful shade by Lakme is everything classy and sassy. 

2. Bad Company Nail Colour- Says Who(83) Pastel Mint Green

It would not be wrong if we say that combination of pastel and cool tones are winning the hearts of all the women since forever! This nail colour by Bad Company is one that you definitely need if you’re heading out for a vacay with your girl gang!

3. DeBelle Nail Colour- Yellow Topaz

This is a super funky colour that comes in a gel based polish and will make your hands look as fresh as flowers! This is a super pretty mustard colour that you definitely need to have in your collection to get that needed pop of colour!

4. House of Makeup Nail colour- Dusty Rose(Kashmiri Chai)

Staying true to its name, this gel-based nail colour by the House of Makeup looks as delicious as the Kashmiri Chai! It’s a dusky rosy tint that’s highly pigmented and free from all the chemicals. This is a must-buy if you want to go all chic and pretty with your nails this time!

5. SERY Colourflirt Nail Paint- Cherry Berry Red

You can never go wrong with a classy red either on your lips or on your nails! This super pigmented cherry red shade by SERY will make you fall all head over heels on it’s sheen and texture. A perfect shade that will instantly amp up your look!

6. MINISO Nail Paint- 05 Grey

If there’s one colour that you can wear with all your casual as well as dressy outfits, it would be this one! The grey shade by MINISO is a statement colour that will make your nails look super sexy, trendy and fashionable. This is a chip-resistant nail colour that will protect your nails and will make them look beautiful at the same time!

7. Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Colour- 188 Blueberry Shortbread 

This is one of the shades in Nykaa's cookie crumble collection. The blueberry shortbread is a pastel shade with a grey undertone that looks perfect to carry on all day! It’s a very pretty colour that’s long-lasting and gives a very artsy look. It’s the simplest way to have some fun with your nails and give a nail art effect.

8. Nykaa Floral Carnival- 129 Dusky Azalea 

Another one securing a place for itself in the list is this lovely tone of dusky pink from Nykaa’s Floral Carnival collection. It has a warm pink tone that will perfectly match the blush pink colour of your cheeks! This matte formula will stay on for a long time and will make your nails look super young and fresh.

9. Colorbar Nail Lacquer- Merry

A perfect amalgamation of the warm tones of pinks and reds with cool tones of browns. This nail color by Colorbar is a perfect shimmery finish shade to complement your glamorous and dewy makeup looks! Rich in keratin and almond oil, this enamel will take care obof your nails and will protect them from chipping and cracking while making them look no less than bomb dot com!

10. Faces Canada Splash Nail Colour- Need Sunglasses 16

The last one on our list is this beautiful glossy nail enamel by Faces Canada in the shade Need Sunglasses. It’s a super pretty shimmery rose gold-tone with an undertone of silver. This long-lasting and quick-drying formula by Faces Canada is a perfect fit for someone who loves to bling all day!

These were the 10 evergreen nail colours on our list that are a perfect combination of sassy, trendy and fun! Make sure to try these and let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section below! 

We will see you again:)

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