10 Self-Help Apps That Are Helping Us In More Ways That We Know

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Self-care is THE most important thing in life no matter what you do or where you wanna be. So, here are some awesome meditation and productivity apps to help you find that peace and mental health.

So, you have been trying hard to make your life happier and stress-free. Seeing things as they are via Vipassana meditation is what you have been practicing. But it is difficult to sit down and concentrate for meditation.

How many of your friends have told you about meditation and its relation to your productivity? I know there are many people out there who think meditation is of no use. But the truth is, it actually gives you positivity, energy, and everything that you want in your life. 

By everything, I mean EVERYTHING

Once you have that peace of mind and ability to concentrate, you will surely attract things that are on your way. To make it easier for you, we have a list of the 10 best self-help apps. 

So, have a look at them and find out your perfect match. 

1. Calm

Talking about self-help apps and not discussing Calm would be pretty unfair. Now, before starting with its description, let me tell you, I have been using it for quite a long time and it seriously makes the difference once you start using it. 

Calm is one of the most well-known apps that has been helping millions of people discover “life-changing” benefits. I know many people struggle every day to find restful and calm life. What this app does is walk you through the path of your mental health. 

You will surely find some exciting things there. From mindful masterclasses to stories for sleep, it has a variety of things to try out. In fact, it’s a free app but if you try its 7-day premium trial, you will find the real value in it. 

2. Headspace

Mindset is the key to accomplish everything in life. But what can you do to keep it more relaxed and focused? I know. Here is the best app you can use for everyday mindfulness meditation. No wonder why many athletes and renowned artists like Arianna Huffington use this app.

What does this app do? 

From giving you better sleep to relieving stress, the Headspace app helps in training your mind. What do I mean by ‘training your brain’? To be precise, we often lose ourselves in this everyday whirlwind schedule. So, what this app does is make you want to take out some time for yourself and pay attention to your mental health. 

The headspace app is so great because it uses science to ensure that you have peace of mind. Try out its free programs and see how it changes your life. However, for further use, you will have to pay around $12/month which is still absolutely worth every penny. 

3. InnerHour: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and self-care.

Every other person is, nowadays, dealing with anxiety and depression. That's pretty daunting but this app has a way to keep you away from any of these. This InnerHour app is just the right tool to beat all your negativity. 

Right when you register your information on this app, it asks you to choose or create the 3 best affirmations. What else? Once you are done affirming, it asks you for your mental health goals. You can choose that from 6 options:

  • Overcoming depression
  • Tackling stress
  • Beating anxiety
  • Managing anger
  • Sleeping better
  • Living happier. 

In a nutshell, it is one of the nicest apps you will ever come across. It asks you how you are feeling every day, it reminds you of your goals, and you can analyze your progress.

Here comes the best part, if you want some expert to get in touch with, InnerHour can make it happen for you for free. Moreover, you can also be more progressive if you choose the free self-help courses it offers. 

4. Habitica 

Habitica is one of THE BEST and my favorite apps to help you maintain those good and effective habits. Basically, it helps you keep a track of your habits through games. How exciting is this?

Habit tracking can be a tiring option but this app makes it all fun. You can use this app on your mobile, tablet, and even on your desktop. There is a dashboard kinda thing where you can see and analyze your progress and actions. 

Here, you will get an avatar that you can upgrade over time if you add your good-habits points. What’s more? You will find your daily to-do list in the bottom menu, your daily routine tasks, and even the major habits that you want to develop. 

Trust me, this app will make you feel grateful once you do all these good things. Besides, it’s absolutely free.  

5. Ted Talk

I am sure you must have heard about this one at least once. We all know Ted Talk is that platform where people share their knowledge and stories. But how is it helpful to you? Of course, you get to learn new things every day but what else? 

The stories or messages you hear from people speaking on Ted Talk will surely inspire you in one or the other way. These stories not only clear your mind or give you motivation but also help you build that self-confidence you have ever wanted. Besides, people speaking on ted talk are winning millions of hearts because they are showing them the path towards a better life through their experiences and stories. 

Why don’t you try it out and see how it influences you in a great way?

6. The Mindfulness app

“Mindfulness” and relaxation meditation go hand-in-hand which is why we have this awesome Mindfulness app. This is one of the best free meditation apps that help you say ‘goodbye’ to your stress, anxiety, or any other negativity in life. If you need better sleep habits, want to develop more good ones, or meet all your needs, you can easily choose and make your life better with this app.

This one is available in 10 different languages, you get to see your personalized statistics, and remind yourself to meditate every day. Besides, in case you find it hard to concentrate, you can always ask an expert or take on its courses to be more clear. Clearly, this one is ideal for meditation for beginners. 

7. Sparkle: Self-care checklist, tracker, and journal. 

Yeah! It’s hard to stick to your checklist but how about a tracker that will help you do that? Sparkle is that app in which you can create your happiness checklist and keep a track of accountability towards it. In other words, it helps you take care of yourself and illuminates your sweet spot. 

Self-care can be pretty hard but if you keep a journal of every day and be grateful to it, you will eventually find your peace. Sparkle is that free app where you will find remarkable self-care activities, check-ins, motivation, daily positive reminders, and much more. 

8. Inside timer

Lack of mind control, disturbed sleep, and overthinking can all destroy you and make you miserable. In order to tackle this, make The Inside Timer your buddy and practice all kinds of meditation. Be it transcendental meditation, sleep meditation, or any loving-kindness meditation. 

You needn't worry if you find it hard to concentrate, it has some lovely mind music that will surely help you with your mental health. 

There are over 75,000 guided meditations, features like timer, discussion groups, states, milestones, and much more. All of these together will help you find some improvement within 7 days. What sort of music will you find? Let’s see, there is relaxing sleep music, zen music, meditation music, deep sleep music. So, beat insomnia and get that clarity in life through music guides, and guided meditations. 

9. Simple habit

Here comes another app for meditation and psychological well-being. The good news is, many therapists and psychologists recommend Simple Habit to help people get out of all the mental struggles. Of course, there is gotta be something so exceptional about it. 

Looking at its features, its main focus is divided into 3 areas: 

  1. Help you find motivation
  2. Live a healthy and relaxed life.
  3. Maintain wellness in your lifestyle. 

Despite being one free app, the users did not find any distractions of ads when in use. Surely, the people behind it want to help you out just like yellow brick cinema. Isn’t it?

10. Forest: Stay Focused

Well! Everybody loves to be around trees and eye-pleasing greenery. What if I tell you there is an app that allows you to increase your work productivity by planting and growing trees? Forest is one of the most productive apps for you. 

You must be wondering how an app on “TREES” can help you be more productive? It is simple. This app allows you to pick out your favorite tree species and you get to plant the baby tree. Then you set a time of your productivity, say 25 minutes, and if you stick to your task or stay away from ‘phone-distractions’, the baby will turn into a tree. 

Sounds interesting, right?

What else do you get with this ‘Forest’ app? As you grow your jungle, you earn points. You can set a timer, or stopwatch as per your preference. There is also one deep-focus mode that is best when you are most busy. However, if you use another app for long or even use the phone screen, all your plants will wither away. 


Meditation for anxiety, relaxing sleep music, rejuvenation, and what not are worth a shot not once but for a few days. No matter what, these amazing apps from across the globe are here for your growth and stability in life. So, try all of them at least once and see which one would you like to stick around with. 

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