21 Bedroom Sprucing Ideas You’ve Never Heard of Before

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It would be a grave mistake to overlook the power of a well-furnished bedroom. Due to the fact that bedrooms are ultimately the most private rooms of a house, which are only limited in access to a few select guests, it can be quite easy to underestimate the overall design. Nevertheless, your own safe haven definitely deserves a good chunk of your attention when it comes to decor. At the end of the day, this is the place you come back to relax and reinvigorate yourself - therefore, it is only sensible to adorn the room with the choicest of bed frames, colour schemes and sheets. 

Unlike the rest of your home, which is often designed keeping in mind the guests that will come and go, your bedroom gives you the opportunity to fully display a certain style and creativity that is personal to you. You get to design your bedroom according to your personality, and although it may seem difficult at first, it is definitely not impossible. Regardless of whether you seek out a minimalist hideout or a bold bed-chamber, there are enough ideas for everyone to pick and choose from. For a few handy tips, read on to find out some intriguing ways to transform your bedroom into your favourite place. 

Embrace Architectural Quirks

If you find yourself having to work with some kind of an awkward configuration or an architectural quirk, chances are you will get extremely annoyed and worked up regarding how you can make the same look good. It’s important to remember to keep your wits about you, and instead, think about how you can embrace it. For inspiration, take a look at how an interior designer has allowed the niche and the low ceiling to anchor the space by constructing a customized bed frame. Additionally, she has added a built-in bedside table and night light - almost making its owner forget about the room’s quirky flaws!

Make It Texture-Rich

Take a look at this gorgeous, yet calming master bedroom. The stone walls lend a rustic look yet have a warm appeal to them. The earthy vibe of this wall is complemented by the sky blue paint on the rest of them, and the plants add some more texture. The mirror with a ridged frame and the throw blankets contribute, and you can experiment with some furry rugs for the same purpose as well! Remember not to go overboard though - keep a couple of things minimalistic, such as the window frame and the bed frame. 

Float Your Furniture

Large, bulky pieces of furniture are definitely a thing of the past - make way for minimalistic, low to the ground beds as well as nightstands. These pieces of furniture, when built into the wall, provide a sleek look that makes it look as if they were floating. This type of furniture comes in handy if you are struggling for space in a small bedroom and additionally lend a clutter-free look. You can do the same with shelves and TV frames!

Use Wood for Your Ceiling

Using wood for your ceiling almost immediately lends a warmth that might have been missing previously. Designed by Gail Davis, the interior of this bedroom is full of texture and pattern yet gives off a very neutral and earthy appeal. Adding complementary elements such as wooden doorframes, window frames or mirror frames makes the ceiling stand out even more so. Make use of the help of neutral colours for the walls and pastel shades for curtains to complete the look.

Make Room for a Vanity

We promise you this - making room for a dressing table with a vanity mirror is a choice you will definitely not regret making. Vanities instantly lend a vintage-chic appeal to your bedroom, and you also benefit from the great lighting for all the times that you need to take a cute little mirror selfie. In this bedroom, the purple trim on the skirt of the vanity brings out the purple of the drapes, ensuring that all the elements of the bedroom just fit right.

Bring Personality to Neutrals

Balsame Antiques and Interior Design came up with this beautiful bedroom that makes strides in proving that even if your space is mostly composed of neutral colours, it most definitely doesn’t need to be boring. Character and depth are added with the help of textures, contrasting hues taken from the same colour palette, as well as sculpted silhouettes. It creates almost a perfectly cosy and moody ambience to take a long nap from which you never want to wake up!

Choose Strategic Window Treatments

If you are blessed with a beautiful view of the sea like the bedroom shown in the frame (designed by Kim Dempster and Erin Martin), make sure to allow the bedroom owners to relish it to the fullest. Instead of trying to come up with intense window treatments, go for large window panes that showcase such views. For the nighttime, pick out shades that blackout the windows for your privacy, and that you can tuck away to the side for the daytime. 

Loosen Things Up

Using the help of linens makes for an effortlessly chic situation in your bedroom, while the lazily places antique floor mirror adds a dressy appeal. The structured pendant light jazzes things up while the colours in the rest of the room remain neutral. Play around with textures to define your bedroom and give it a vibrant look. 

Make Use of a Fun Headboard

The upholstered headboard and its wideness bring about a feeling of cosiness with all the fabric that it uses, and also allows for establishing the tone of the colour scheme. It lends a touch of formality, as well as a touch of freshness that is definitely trendy and modern, without being overbearing. 

Carve Out a Reading Nook

If you are lucky enough to have a tiny corner of your room that seemingly looks like a waste of space, convert it into your own, private reading corner. In this bedroom designed by Romanek Design Studio, they have provided a second life to the tiny nook with the help of a bench, some cushions and art. Feel free to add your own flair to it!

Pay Attention to Scale

This bedroom, designed by 2LG studio, is the perfect example of thoughtful consideration regarding which item belongs where. The narrow bedroom table fits right into the architectural quirks of the space, and because it is a slimmer option, the large drawers compensate for the same. The light, candy-themed wallpaper incorporates a cheerful vibrance that not only brightens the room but also introduces a fun personality. It is complemented by matching cushions, too!

Choose Bold Lighting

Sophie from Studio Ashby comments on the muted grey wool mix of the headboard which brings about a certain balance to the cushion and the throw. The low profile of this setup makes room for a good, sizeable piece of art overhead. Doing this is a great alternative to say, a gallery wall, and with the help of some modern, bold lighting, you can achieve a very well-rounded and sophisticated style. Minimalistic elements like neutral tones and low-profile decor only further this appeal.

Get Creative

More often than not, we find ourselves in an outrageous tussle with space - and some of these times, it yields a very haphazard arrangement of objects which is, to say the least, highly unappealing. When you have a limited amount of space, it is important to try and look out for pieces that have multi-purpose functionality. For instance, in the frame, the side chair serves the purposes of both a seat, as well as a bedside table. Additionally, the wall sconces free up space and lend a cosy appeal, without the need to sacrifice a night light. 

Use Vertical Space

It is a common mistake to overlook the ample amounts of vertical space that our bedrooms are often endowed with. To maximally utilize the same, display all your decor including photo frames, indoor plants and souvenirs on floating shelves (which are relatively easy to install). This clears up space for some essentials like seating furniture. Additionally, some of the larger items in your possession like the skateboard pictured here, as well as instruments like guitars, can be placed leaning against the wall - which speak as artwork for themselves.

Layer Textures and Styles

Charlotte Lucas designed this master bedroom and made the bold decision to layer some rich textures along with soft colours which contrast with the wall art that makes a huge impact. The watercolour feel lent by the wallpaper brings together the whole theme and gives life and vibrancy to the bedroom. The key is to balance everything out - if you opt for rugs that add dimension to the floor, try to avoid adding a stone wall or a wooden ceiling, which will ultimately just end up crowding the bedroom space. 

Reconsider the Paint on Your Walls

Instead of going ahead with the same old boring white/cream paint on your walls, try experimenting with another neutral shade that will add a subtle twist. The designers behind Arent & Pyke recommend that unusual Y-shaped floor plans demand strategic wall paints that create a dynamic light experience. If you lean more towards moody and subtle tones, place them towards the south, and brighter colours towards the east. Or, as pictured in the frame, pick out hues that complement and contrast with each other, like the slate-blue of the wall and the orange fabric on the pillows which make them pop.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

When it comes to picking out the designs and decor for guests or kids’ bedrooms, picking a fun theme that anchors the design scheme adds a fun touch. This bedroom designed by Erin Martin save a whole lot of space owing to the bunk beds, which contribute towards the nautical ship theme. The rounded mirror and demarcated walls also add to the effect! Pick out accents that naturally fit in with your theme.

Less Is More

This bedroom designed by Leanne Ford is definitely Marie Kondo approved. The stunning four-poster bed, loose linen bedding and a super elegant bedside table are all the elements that are required to make the bedroom feel like your very own, personal sanctuary. You really don’t need much to make your space elegant! As we’ve constantly reiterated through this article, minimalistic approaches end up solving a lot of problems while simultaneously looking incredibly sophisticated. 

A Statement Carpet can be your BFF

Designed by Hecker Guthrie, an elegant mint green carpet gives so much personality to this modern bedroom while stepping up its elegance. The walls remain neutral so that the show-stopper is the carpet, and the charcoal grey pillows and greenish-grey sheets tie together the colour scheme. The white side table and lamp perfectly complement the modern tones of the bedroom, without stealing the spotlight from the carpet. 

Lean a Mirror

This is a bedroom that definitely knows the tricks to set a mood. The velvet seating lends a plush appeal, and the dark wood-panelled walls add charm. The landscape photos make the room classy, and there is a beautiful balance between modern and rustic styles. The large mirror is a sneaky trick to make your space seem larger than it actually is!

Try Unconventional Color Combinations

Did you ever think about how well the colours baby blue and caramel brown work together? We surely didn’t, before taking a look at this gorgeous bedroom photographed by Kerri McCaffety. It’s also quite interesting to see that this particular print has been consistently, and quite frankly, pretty intelligently implemented on the wallpaper as well as the headboards.


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