21 Self Defence Tips For Women

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Self defence tips for women

Self Defense is a big deal if you want to be independent and safe all the time. It's the best thing to protect yourself. So, read on and find out the 21 best techniques and tools you MUST use.

No matter how serious sexual assault is, women, specifically in India, do not take self defense seriously. 

Do you agree with me?

Well! Let me tell you a story, 

A 12-ish-year-old girl was at an international fair. A few guys passed by and touched her inappropriately. What did she do? Nothing. But deep inside, she could feel the sadness and helplessness. 

This story is not just about that girl but almost every woman in the country. How many times have you been teased by some random guy on the street or any other public place? 

The sad part is, this happens to everyone irrespective of age. The Saddest part is millions of women don’t even know how to take action and fight for themselves. 

Here is a way out. Learning to take action physically- through self defense. 

So, here we are with the 21 best self defense tips that will help you protect yourself from those idiots of society. 

1. You need to set boundaries

What women do not understand is that setting boundaries is necessary. This goes for everything, verbal, physical, and psychological. Why don't women take it seriously? Because they think men are kind and know how to behave. Yes! Some men are that nice but not all. 

2. Gracie Jiu Jistu techniques

Gracie Jiu Jistu or Brazilian Jiu Jistu self defense is somehow based on ground fighting. Now, why am I mentioning that? This technique and fighting style has been saving girls for the last 80 years. 

Undoubtedly, this is something you must try because whenever a sexual aggressor is about to attack you, they follow around 4 phases before that. This training will prepare you how to prevent them and stand up for yourself every time. 

3. NEVER underestimate your instincts. 

Before anything happens, you kind of get the intuition that something wrong is about to take place. But what we ladies do is ignore these signs. So, it is best to never take your instincts for granted and ALWAYS react to them before something goes wrong. 

One more thing, always be aware of your surroundings. This is very VERY important especially when you are at a public place or in some stranger’s company. 

4. Know what part you can tackle

While being attacked, you come up with quick reflexes which makes you numb for using your brain. Things usually happen so fast that you can’t decide how to react. But you must know what parts you can hit during these reflexes. 

Where to hit?

  • Groins (most important)
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Throat

These parts are not just to make them move away from you but these can actually put them in some serious conditions. So, the best ways to deal with such situations. 

5. The Arm Grab escape

What if someone tries to grab your wrist tightly? I know it may seem easy to get out of it but if you don’t know the right way, it becomes a lot difficult. 

All you need to do is 

  • grab the wrist from the opposite hand 
  • point up until your elbow, and 
  • quickly slide down the aggressor’s hand using your core area. 

6. Escaping from back-grab

An attacker might tackle you from the back. What to do then? Here is a trick if he grabs you from behind forcefully. 

  • Push yourself inside 
  • Slide your hips out from any direction and turn
  • Start attacking the groins of the person hard. 
  • Turn and grab the neck of the person with tight hands. 
  • You are all welcome to hit the groins with your knees. 

Here is a tip: If the person grabs you from behind and lifts you up, use back kicks to hit the groin area.

7. The choke escape

There would be no surprise if the attacker tries to choke you. Obviously, he uses pressure which makes you lose your breath in no time. 

If someone does it to you, you can:

  • Lift your arm up, 
  • Turn down the opposite arm of the attacker
  • Told the attacker’s hand and crunch down. 
  • With your elbow, hit him in the face 

I know it may sound easier than done. But gotta have something to protect you. 

8. The hair escape

The attacker may not just grab you or choke you, he may even grab the skull using hair. What you can do is:

  • Take your hands up and grab the hand(s) of the attacker.
  • Use your elbows to protect the face
  • Twist and turn to the back of the attacker. 
  • Twist his arms 
  • Push the arm towards the shoulder which may also dislocate his shoulder. 

9. Commit to your actions

There is a myth that if a woman hits the man who is attacking her, the guy can then become more aggressive. Do you know why this happens? It’s because you hit and look at him which gives him the time to think and attack with more aggression. 

You don’t wanna do that. So, when you blow that first hit, commit to it and DON’T STOP. Be the aggressor before he becomes one. 

10. Try to make things easy

How about making things easy? It’s not about submitting to the attacker but making them relax. It’s a clever move. 

Calm yourself down & calm the other person down. Thereafter, use the “fake commitment” strategy as in you are pretending to do whatever he tells you. Analyze if the situation can be handled. If not, pick the right time and attack. 

Relax, Fake commit, and attack. It’s that good. 

11. The kidnapping tools

Let’s face it, kidnapping in India is quite common. More than 4 lakh females have been abducted in India. So, what you can do is pick out tools and ALWAYS keep them to yourself. If you ask me, there are two of the best ones that are proven to help several women. 

  • A handcuff key- if you have one, it can open any handcuff. This is something not many people know. 
  • Blade- the blade can be dangerous for you but you can wrap it up in duct tape and keep it with you. One blade is so powerful to get you out of ropes, tape, or any other object. 

12. Make your voice loud and clear

Sometimes, you may not even need to be physical. This usually happens when you are totally aware of the attack and when it is about to happen. This is the right time to make yourself clear. Shout out loud and make your voice clear to him. Because you know, “No means NO”. 

13. Some more unarmed techniques

It’s not always that you have to be physical to protect yourself. There are some unarmed moves that you can try. For example: if someone is following you on the street, do try some tactics such as change your ways, visit a friend randomly, or maybe go to a public place and have some coffee. 

What else? Don’t be afraid, be courageous and look eye-to-eye at the stranger who is following or stalking you. Sometimes, these clever tricks create a danger sign for the person who is about to attack you. 

Worse comes to worst, you should always contact the police, security, or contact any person for help. 

14. Run from the Knife attack

The knife is a simple yet the most complex weapon your attacker can use. There may be millions of videos out there that teach you how to get out of it. But the truth is, when the real situation comes, any false knowledge or lack of practice can put you in real danger. 

So, the best way to deal with knife defense is RUN. Yes! You read that right. If you can run, you should run. But if you cannot, you must understand how these attacks work. 

15. The knife combat technique

Continuing our last point, if there is no escape or you might have to protect someone else, there are ways out. 

  • DO NOT try to hold/stop the knife attack. There are most repercussions to this one. 
  • Try to play the Fake Submission technique. Once they are convinced, DO NOT attack just get away with that. 
  • If things go out of control, try to reduce the damage because it is pretty impossible to come out of the knife attack. 

16. Most effective martial arts for self defense 

We all know how crazy it is that these martial arts have the best self defense moves to kill or harm anybody. Well, there are wide options available worldwide. But you must definitely go for something traditional. Such as:

  • Krav Mega, an Israeli self defence technique. 
  • Rostami Self Defence, an Iranian martial arts
  • Kung fu self defense
  • Russian self defense

As per a study, these arts give a lot more than just defense. what these self defense classes do is

  • Increase confidence in women to fight
  • Learn some deadly moves
  • Prevent some serious killer attacks (Knife and bullets.)
  • Perfect for everyone irrespective of age, size, and gender.  

Find the best self defense instructor and start your classes ASAP. 

17. Stay alert during a party

Being a female is not something that can stop you from partying. Also, that is the most dangerous place to be attacked. So, what you can do is leave with the people you came with or at least inform them when you are about to leave.

There is another way. Keep an eye on your drinks and always keep them to yourself. If possible, pour a drink on your own and do anything to prevent any mis-hap. 

18. Be innovative with your keychain

A keychain is not just about having something fancy, but it is of SO MUCH use when it comes to self-protection. What you can do is have some pointy objects attached to your keychains.  

Need some ideas of how you can be innovative? You can try different shapes that are easy to grab and damage the other person. One of the most effective ones is Kubotan. The Kubotan self-defense ring is something you will love to have.

19. The power of alarm

Most whistles, especially loud ones, are perfect to spread the alert. You can use this sound using a very loud whistle. This one is pretty easy to get from any online platform such as Amazon. So, do get yourself one today. 

Not always you will get the time to blow. Thus, some gorgeous alarming objects work with just a push of a button. They are hard to recognize as an alarming weapon but they might be perfect for you. 

20. Never underestimate a pepper spray

Mostly, in office or college self-defense training, the people must tell you about pepper spray. These work wonders when sprayed on the attacker. 

However, the problem is, though these traditional sprays can be most effective, they can also spread in the area in the direction of the wind. This can be harmful to you as well. So, choose something that has a very powerful stream to hit the person who is attacking you. 

21. Pain inflicting self defense tools

The world is strange so you have to protect yourself. There are various tools out there to try. But make sure to pick out something that inflicts pain in the attacker. Try out some sharp ring object or a pen which is also a glass breaker + knife. 

To have some ideas, click HERE and see what all options you can try.


Many of you would be thinking why do you need so much just to live an independent life. Well! The world is not perfect my friend. This is why, rather than depending on someone else, be your own queen and stand up for yourself. 

Which one of the above self defense techniques do you like the best?

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