31 and Happily Unmarried

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“What about that boy she met on Shaadi.com last week?”

“Did you like him?”

“Yes, we did but she did not like him.”

“I am telling you Sugandha, your daughter is way too choosy. She won’t ever get married if she keeps rejecting guys like this.”

“What to do didi, Aap hi samjhao isse (You put some sense into her head).”

Before their conversation could go on any further, I took the phone from her hands and immediately hung up.

“This is it, mom. Enough of this nonsense, mom. I don’t want any shaadi drama inside this house now.”

And with a heroic exit I simply left the room. Hello everyone, my name is Siya and I am a 31- year old girl living her dreams. I have been finally promoted to the position of Vice President in my company and believe me, my happiness has no bounds. I recently travelled to my dream destination, Paris and you know what was the best part? It was a solo trip. I cannot tell you how good that feels, Oh My God. I am living the life I had always dreamed of. I couldn’t be any happier.

But there is one problem (not for me but for my parents), I am still unmarried. While most of my friends as well as classmates have had their babies, here I am meeting boys at least twice a week but every single time the outcome is always the same, either he rejects me for being too old or I reject him for being too dominant. Okay, you tell me, do you think it’s fair enough to let go of my career for someone who cannot be supportive of my dreams? It isn’t, right?

Yes, I love my dreams, I love my life. I am working and I am giving my parents what they deserve i.e. love, affection and a small token of beautiful gestures. Let me tell you a tiny little secret, my mother doesn’t agree to this but everytime I pay for dinner, or buy her a dress or jewellery I can see a little twinkle in her eyes which says, ‘I am proud of you Siya.’ She has been always telling me, “Beti ka paisa lena galat baat hai.” (Taking money from your daughter is not a good thing) but that twinkle is what makes me happy.

Today, I am going on a date again. Yes, you guessed it right. My mother has arranged another blind date for me this time. Aren’t moms really cute? Hehe.

Well, I have one small tip for all the girls out there who are working hard to achieve what they want. It is okay to feel disappointed sometimes. Your parents may seem like villains here but believe me all they want is for their little princesses to be happy. Be unapologetic for what you want to do, live your life on your own terms, love yourself and your dreams because nobody else can do it for you.

For anyone who is reading this and wondering, do I blame anyone for just focusing on me being unmarried? I would like to say, your parents have grown up in a different version of society in a different manner which makes it difficult for them to understand a lot of things. You as their child should be patient and keep talking to them, trying to change their take on issues like marriage and kids specially. Keep in mind, Society has been formed by humans and we as humans have the complete right to break our own set of rules and traditions.

“Siya, get ready. Do you want to get late?”

That’s my mother calling. I need to go guys. I will see if this man is someone who supports my dreams or not. Ciao!

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