8 Best Productivity Apps for Students That Will Make Your Life Easier

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You may be reading this article because you need some advice on how to be more productive. If you're like many students, your schedule is jam-packed and it can be hard to find time to do everything you need to. We all know that the key to success is time management. However, between school, homework, extracurriculars, and social life, it's tough to find a way to fit it all in. Sometimes we have to sacrifice one thing in order for another thing to happen. But don't worry! This article discusses the top 8 productivity apps that will keep you on track and ultimately help you balance your hectic schedule.

1 . Todoist 

App Link: Google Play 

Without some manner of jotting down the chores you need to perform during the day and in the future days and weeks, no productivity system is complete. Many people use bullet diaries or any physical format to jot things down. Todoist, on the other hand, is my top recommendation for those of you who enjoy using apps and are comfortable using them daily. One cool feature about Todoist is that it has a nice feature where you can build different lists (projects) depending on your needs.

How Todoist helps you?

Todoist can be used to 

• Capture and arrange tasks as they come to mind.

• Use reminders and due dates to keep track of deadlines.

• Create long-term habits by setting repeating deadlines, such as "every Monday."

• Use Boards to organise your projects.

• Assign tasks to others to collaborate on projects.

• Use priority levels to organise your tasks.

2.ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks

App Link: Google Play

For each unique project, you can create a list of tasks as well as subtasks .You will be able to assign a single assignment to several members inside a group using ClickUp. I often use it for my undergraduate projects since it keeps everyone in the group on track. Since ClickUp allows you to specify that this task must be done by a given date, each team member can go on to the next assignment as soon as the previous one is completed.

How ClickUp helps you?

• Create tasks on the fly.

• Update/edit tasks in real. 

• See all of your to-dos in one place.

3 . Notion - Notes, Tasks, Wikis

App Link: Google Play

I'm in love with this app! Although other applications impose rules and constraints on their users, Notion allows you to create a system that works for you. If you don't understand how to organize your task or schedule, the templates supplied are a fantastic starting place. There is a distinct visual style to each template. Your entire life may be kept in order with this software! I'm a student and a writer, and I can arrange my school and writing files, as well as my timetables, and everything else. At first, it may seem a bit complicated, but it's worth a few attempts to get the hang of it. Regardless of the purpose, it's a terrific application.

How Notion helps you?

  • Lists and to-dos can be prioritised with ease.
  •  Images, to-dos, bookmarks, code snippets, and 20+ block types are all supported. 
  • Everything is in sync thanks to Notion. 
  • The pages you visit on the internet are downloaded so you may access them on the go. 
  • This allows you to share pages with others, edit them at the same time, and respond to @mentions or comments from other users.
  • To organise your information, use nested pages (or sub-pages). 


4. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards

App Link: Google Play

Learning English has never been easier. When I come across unusual words or phrases while reading a book, I put them to Quizlet as flashcards. What a fantastic method to expand your vocabulary! Quizlet is a great application. I downloaded it on my phone and subsequently to my computer, and my grades have significantly improved since then. It has aided me in learning material more quickly and without the usage of as much paper. Quizlet is an excellent tool that I highly encourage you to try at least once.

How Quizlet helps you?

  • Learn with flashcards with the Quizlet app.
  • Get textbook solutions from experts for your trickiest problems
  • Flashcards can be shared amongst students and friends, and the Learn mode helps you prepare for tests.
  • With Write mode, you may put your memory to the test.
  • A game of Match mode pits you against the clock.
  • Spanish and other languages can be learned as well.
  • In 18 different languages, you may listen to your stuff being pronounced correctly.


5. Forest - Focus Timer for Productivity

App link: Google Play

To be honest, this app helps me focus more than anything else I've tried, and seeing your progress in this way is quite motivating. The concept behind this application is to plant a tree when you need to stay focused. If you stay focused on your task and don't get sidetracked, your tree will thrive. This programme helps me focus more than anything else I've tried, and seeing your progress in this way is quite rewarding. It also has it helped me quit putting stuff off because I was excited to watch how wonderfully the forest grew. 

As a whole, it's a fantastic software that's rewarding to use.

How Forest helps you?

  • Genuine trees will be planted for the future. They've already planted over 1,000,000 real trees!
  • If you leave Forest and use apps on the list, your tree will not be destroyed.
  • Sort your tasks into categories and see how you spend your time.
  • Keep track of your phone usage and screen time.
  • Competition with users throughout the world.


6. Evernote - Notes Organizer & Daily Planner

App link: Google Play

The best free application I've ever seen! It's the only note-taking app you'll ever need, and it's only gotten better over time. Great tool for taking notes, being organised, and making shopping lists, among other things. This app is fantastic because it syncs across all of your devices via the cloud, ensuring that you don't lose anything! Notes are extremely easy to write and edit. The major reason I used this app was that it allowed me to sync online and was available on both Android and iOS. Now it includes a slew of new features, like a table, checklists etc saving me a tonne of time and as well as helped me in reducing paper waste. This is a must-have app for everyone who wants to live a more ordered and helpful life.

How Evernote helps you?

  • Keep track of your thoughts as you travel through the day by writing them down in searchable notes, journals, and task lists. 
  • It is possible to bookmark articles and websites that you find interesting and want to read or use later. 
  • Scanning receipts and important paperwork will help you go paperless. 
  • Keep track of your lecture notes, tests, and assignments so that you don't forget anything crucial.
  • For each lesson, create a notebook and maintain a record of what you learn.


7. Google Calendar

App link: Google Play

Yes, you read that correctly. This simple Google calendar helps you in more ways than you would think. Organizing my entire life is a necessity for me. I take great advantage of the colour coding option. I like how I can use different colour codes to plan appointments, activities, and reminders, as well as to distinguish between, uni, gym and home events. It's the simplest software to get used to when it comes to scheduling your time or events. Workes well with both work and family, which is a huge plus. I would recommend it to everyone. It is, after all, a Google product.

How Google Calendar helps you?

• Gmail events - Flights, hotels, concerts, restaurant reservations, and more are instantly added to your calendar.

• Tasks - In the Calendar, you can create, manage, and display your tasks alongside your events.

• All of your calendars in one place - Google Calendar syncs with all of your phone's calendars, including Exchange calendars.

8. Day One Journal

App link: Google Play

This is hands down the best journal app in the play store. It is so easy to journal anywhere at any time, and so private, personal, and easy to use. It aids in the management of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. As a result, I am able to express what is on my mind and my thoughts are more clear. This is hands down the best journal app in the play store. It is so easy to journal anywhere at any time, and so private, personal, and easy to use. Everything I need is within reach. Keeps me on my toes. Useful across a variety of devices. It aids in the management of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. As a result, I am able to express what is on my mind and my thoughts are more clear. As a result, I am able to freely express myself and my thoughts are more organised.

I write all my personal information which are often a hindrance to my work. I can relax and focus on the important stuff when I've poured everything out. The best thing about this online application is that you don't have to be concerned about other people looking through your journal (which is common with physical journals). You can keep it safe by using a passcode.

How Day1 Journal can help you?

  • Tags that make it easier to find your daily notebooks.
  • You can rate your entries with a start and make it favorite.
  • Use the calendar, chronology, maps, or photos to find what you're looking for. 
  • You may instantly review your online journal using the Reminders In-app and the System Notifications Calendar.
  • The Reminders In-app and System Notifications Calendar allow you to quickly review your online journal. 
  • Use it as a location notebook to keep track of the exact location, date, and time of your memories.
  • You may also keep track of the weather and the temperature.

Bonus :

Productivity is not an innate human trait. It’s something that can be practised and taught. There are many different ways to be productive, but these are few tips that are mostly used by many.

  • Get organized: Create a plan of what you need to do before starting your workday.
  • Divide your tasks into specific categories like home, school, work, etc. Then assign them to specific days.
  • Once you’ve created a to-do list for each category, you should know when to expect certain tasks to be completed.
  • Find a time that works best for you: Some people feel their best in the morning while others feel better in the evenings or at night. Choose a time that suits your level of energy.

Here's a video for you if you're seeking some time management techniques to help you get started on your productive life.

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