Brands that you should know about for the cutest garden plants and accessories!

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Ever thought of a sanctuary to relax and rewind after a long and stressful day?

When it comes to a place to rewind in this lockdown we would definitely agree that nothing can be compared to lounging around in a cozy balcony garden with a cup of hot chocolate.

Whether you are just a beginner in gardening or a veteran in this area we have curated some amazing garden accessories that will help you to revamp your garden space and find your inner ‘chi’. 

And for those who do not have a balcony garden, this is even better as we will be introducing you to the world of indoor plants and accessories.

Let’s delve right in.

1. Earthly Creations:

We are absolutely smitten by their collection. They are all cuteness galore with ducks, frogs, bird planters and decor items in various colors and sizes to suit your garden. They also have metal items to add to your garden’s elegance.

2. Nurturing Green:

As the name suggests, nurture your friendships by gifting your friends a DIY gardening kit for green herbs (basil, celery) for their kitchen garden. Not only will they learn something about gardening on their own but also be able to relish a hearty meal with garnishing from your gifted plant.

You can also gift yourself cute little bonsai, saplings in ceramic and metallic pots and garden accessories.

3. Wonderland Garden

This is another amazing store for animal-shaped planters. They also have a collection of figurines (angels, fairies) etc. to give your garden an ethereal feel.

But that’s not all, they have all the serious gardening tools for the professionals ranging from sprinklers, pipes to trimmers. Get the best of both worlds in Wonderland Garden.

4. Nursery Live:

If you are looking for serious gardening stuff then Nursery Live will provide you everything including seeds, bulbs, pots and planters and that too delivered at your home. They also provide special offers for gift deliveries.

5. Grecor:

If you are picky about aesthetics then, Grecor is your go-to brand.

They have artificial vertical green walls and tons of artsy pots and planters. The quality of their products is top-notch.

6. MyBageecha

While we can’t stop thinking about their cute DIY terrariums, MyBageecha has everything you need to create a cute garden space including khurpees and watering cans. We highly recommend you to check out their adorable hanging decor pieces and lights which are a must-have to add to the beauty of your garden space.

7. Pepperfry

Although they are not an exclusive garden decor brand, they have a collection of quirky planters, brass buckets, terracotta bird feeders and colorful decorative items that can amp up your home decor along with your garden.

8.The Wishing Chair:

The wishing chair is our go-to place for the cutest home decor. They have the prettiest planters and watering cans in shades of pastel. Create an enchanting garden space with their gorgeous pieces.




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