Causes of Dark Lips

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Pigmented lips are the main lip problem that affects a lot of people. We are using a lot of chemicals in terms of lips balm that contain wax, petroleum jelly, alcohol, and many more. We all want soft and natural pink lips. But don't know how to make a wise choice in lip care, as most of the options are available in the market that claims to make your lips pink. We need an effective solution for this. 

Let's get into some main reasons for lip darkness.

- Lack of Hydration in the body 
- Biting your lips very often 
- Excessive smoking 
- Using harmful chemical-based lip colors 

If you have these wrong habits, which are making your lips dark then stop doing them from now onwards. Here are some Organic Lip balm options that are available in the market. 

1) Organic Beetroot glow lip balm - Organic Sparsh 

This moisturizing lip balm from Organic Sparsh comes with the goodness of peppermint. It soothes and protects the lips from drying and lip pigmentaion. 

2) Blue heaven lip balm 

Most affordable and good lip balm if you want something that can keep your lips plump and hydrated. Many options and flavours are available in this. 

3) Plump candy lip balm 

Want a lip balm with good candy flavours? Then go for these!


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