Who Knew Season 2 of COVID-19 Was Going To Be So Overwhelming

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I am not sure about how I have been feeling since the second wave hit us. Anger, frustration, fear, anxiety and even some level of numbness. More than anything else, it is this feeling of being overwhelmed. And feeling helpless because of that. For an anxious person like me, just seeing the soaring numbers, the devastating state of healthcare in our country and simply the fear of the unknown was enough to trigger all kinds of emotions. But when people I know and whom I am close to got infected by COVID, it just amplified the anxiety and every other negative emotion there was. For a few days almost, I was very unproductive, there was very little motivation to do any sort of work. 

But after sitting with those uncomfortable emotions, something changed. I think what happened was that I accepted the situation. Not fighting the situation or playing victim or resisting what is, helped me snap out of the funk and instead focus on what I could do. So, I told myself to focus on one way or any way that I could be of help to someone every day. Something as simple as sending food to a sick neighbour, sharing verified information and leads with people, calling friends and family to check up on them, donating money to foundations working for COVID relief has made me feel less helpless and honestly much better. I've also stopped constantly checking the news and the internet to help protect my mental health. It's not to say that I am ignoring it completely, if I do check it, I limit it to 1 or 2 times a day. And if you ask me, that's enough. It helps me from getting anxious.

If you've also felt overwhelmed and helpless, remember that you are helping the situation in a HUGE way by just isolating in your homes, double masking & following safe practices if you venture out. Getting yourself vaccinated (if you are eligible) is another way of helping out plus protecting yourself. Please take good care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

Signing off with this beautiful poem by Morgan Harper Nichols,

For all that you are going through

I hope something beautiful

happens for you


I hope even here you start to feel

where the Light pours through


And may you know

your faithfulness matters

even in this chapter


You are not alone in this


It's okay if it doesn't make sense


You are free to breathe and trust:

you are still blooming.


And even if the future looks different

from what you expected 

you are still being directed.


This life will ask a lot of you

but Light will still pour through.


Even in stillness you are learning,

in silence, you are still learning.


For all that you are going through

I hope something beautiful 

happens for you


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