Home Decor Brands That I Am Loving Right Now

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By Likita Gowda

There was a time where a majority of my paycheck would go towards clothes, shoes and bags. And there was also a phase where I would splurge on makeup and skincare like there’s no tomorrow (yes, literally). Although the makeup bit was only a phase and thankfully so because I never really used a lot of makeup to begin with and neither do I use a lot now. The love for fashion items however still remains, the only thing is that it is a little dormant at the moment. No brownie points for guessing why. The pandemic has ensured that 90% of my wardrobe remains untouched and 95% of my shoes haven’t seen daylight in over a year. Lucky for them as they don’t really need vitamin D in their system and they are stored away from dust and all the perils of the world. If my weird sense of humour hasn’t amused you yet, it’s okay. I’ll try again sometime later in this blog or another, so watch out. 

Anyhow, the point I was coming to was that I haven’t been shopping for anything fashion related as it is pointless at the moment as I have nowhere to go & if I do step out for anything, I am sure I have more than enough stuff to choose from. But what I have recently started enjoying more is shopping for my home. Being stuck at home is for sure one of the primary reasons for the same. Just switching up the furnishings a bit and adding a decor element or two in the house has been bringing a lot of joy to me. And since I am spending most of my time at home, it makes all the more sense to make it cozier and prettier with home decor. 

Speaking of which, the process of redecorating my house has made me discover a lot of cool home decor brands which I cannot wait to share with you. Some are old, some are new and I love them all. Here’s the list!



Founded in 2015, Objectory has everything from furniture to kitchen and decor items. Their designs are simple, clean and very cool. There is a zen like vibe that exudes from all their products which I love the most. You must check them out to know what I am talking about. I cannot recommend them enough!



The brandchild of Bahaar Jain and Kevin Wilson (students of Medicine and Engineering respectively), Rihaa is a home decor boutique which sells some of the coolest rugs, curtains, tableware, wall art, ceramics, bed linens and more. Their USP is that they source all these high quality hand crafted products from artisans across India. 

Westside Home


An oldie but a goldie, Westside home has been one of my go to places to shop for home decor for many years. Their quality is impeccable and not only do they have designs which are timeless, they are also very good at keeping up with the latest trends in interior design. 

Freedom Tree


Freedom Tree is another one of my favourite places to shop from. They have everything from simple minimal designs to fun and quirky ones. Which means they have something for everyone. I especially love their furniture and eclectic decor pieces. 



Established in 2018, Ellementry offers everything from kitchenware, tableware, serveware & decor to furniture and lighting. Their designs are the perfect blend of functionality and good aesthetics. And I can vouch for the top notch quality. Do check them out and treat your home to some of their amazing stuff. 



Cutesy, whimsical and trendy, Nestasia is your one stop shop for sprucing up your house with fun home decor. They have a very colourful range of products that can add a nice touch to your home. My favourites are their colourful rugs and their cutest range of ceramics that I cannot stop buying.

The Greige Warp


If you’ve been looking for a brand that does beautiful soft furnishings, then look no further as The Greige Warp has you sorted. Their exquisite range of rugs, cushions, curtains, bed & table linen are something that you must check out. They are so good that I always have a hard time resisting not buying a lot from them!

So that’s my list of home brands that I love shopping from. Which brands do you shop from? Do share your recommendations in the comments below!

Banner Image source: Ellementry

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