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By Ruchi Sharma

If you think about a place that holds some great importance in your home, most of us would unanimously say it's the KITCHEN. It is not because all of us are some big fans of cooking or we spend all our time thinking about food. But rather it is because we may hate it or love it but there is not even a single day when we can stay away from the kitchen! Right from cooking the three meals of the day to something as trivial as warming water, most of us start our mornings from making tea to ending our day with washing all the utensils at night. Even having house hold helps cannot totally make us stay away from it. So why not we get some real nice kitchen utilities for our cooking heaven that too under Rs. 499? These utilities would not only help in making day-to-day chores easier but at the same time not mess up with the budget at all, as they are super cost-effective and budget friendly. So, without further ado, here’s presenting some real cool kitchen utilities!


1. Cabinet Door Kitchen Towel Bar

Kitchen towels mostly don’t have any proper place for storing and are mostly found drying off over sink taps or on door handles till they are required. This cabinet door bar offers a nice solution for hanging kitchen towels that too in a neat manner and at a hand’s reach. They do not require any screw, nail, bolt or any type of installation. They are easily removable when not required and easy to put up on any cabinet door as per your requirement.

Buy Cabinet Door Kitchen Towel here.


2. Kitchen Sink Organizer

Quite handy and compact, they are perfect to store all daily cleaning essentials at one place like sponge, dish wash bar, liquid soap, brush etc. The holding unit has enough space for holding both the liquid soap as well as the brushes. It is also easy to clean as it can be dismantled easily. A perfect space saver solution.

Buy Kitchen Sink Organizer here.


3. Dust Bin Holder

Cleaning the floor is often disturbed by a very essential object in the kitchen- the Dustbin. Keeping the dustbin above ground is a perfect solution and these holders can be easily fixed anywhere in the kitchen, be it in a corner or under the sink. They can even be used as a bucket holder. What’s more, it prevents the dustbin from spilling if you bump into it accidentally. It’s a great kitchen utility for sure!

Buy Dust Bin Holder here.


4. Food Cover Tent Umbrella

Keeping away bugs and flies from food is a necessity. These food covers provide enough ventilation needed to prevent food from spoiling and at the same time making them visibile as well. The best part is that they are easy to store and clean as they can be folded and cleaned with a damp cloth or they can be hand washed. Perfect for picnics or even kitchens where you suspect a nasty fly roaming around!

Buy Food Cover Tent Umbrella here.


5. Nozzle Shower Head Faucet

It is actually good for all sink taps, be it bathroom or kitchen. Basically, a hose water sprayer, it is a great water saving solution that prevents water from bouncing off and splashing everywhere. Self-cleaning and easy to attach they help in even watering a large contact area and 360-degree rotation for easy cleaning of not only utensils but also the kitchen sink itself.

Buy Nozzle Shower Head Faucet here.


6. Tissue Roll Holder

Again, it is ideal not only as a bathroom toilet paper roll holder, but even better as a kitchen towel holder. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and comes with a self-adhesive strip thus requiring no drilling or nail-hammer work. The open-ended arms also make refilling or removing the empty roll super easy. Makes access to kitchen towel roll very flexible and accessible.

Buy Tissue Roll Holder here.


7. Dish Drying Kitchen Mat

Leaving the washed utensils on kitchen slabs leave a new kind of watery mess behind on the slabs. This is perfect to spread on a kitchen slab just beside the sink and is a good solution to keep the sink area dry and clean. The microfiber mats not only keep the kitchen slab dry but are reversible, foldable and quick drying too.

Buy Dish Drying Kitchen Mat here.


8. Utility Tong for Frying and Serving

Frying goodies is often not that a great experience as eating them is. These tongs are a great utility with which you can fry things or even use it as a serving tong that is convenient to pick up food during buffets etc. Being heat-resistant, food grade and anti-rust, you can take full use of it without any worry.

Buy Utility Tong for Frying and Serving here.


9. Soap Pump Dispenser with Sponge Holder

The dispenser dispenses the required amount of soap on the sponge making it really quick and easy for you to wash the dishes without bothering to take the liquid soap or dip in it again and again for washing. You just need to pump again for getting more soap when needed. The attached caddy can be used to store the sponge, scouring pads, rags, scrubbers etc. all at one place.

Buy Soap Pump Dispenser with Sponge Holder here.


10. Self-Adhesive Kitchen Accessories Holder

As the name suggests, it requires no drilling and is a compact utility where you can hang all your utensils like ladles, serving spoons etc. in one place. Makes it really easy to access your kitchen utensils. Just make sure to hang only low-weight utensils.

Buy Self Adhesive Kitchen Accessories Holder here.


We hope you love these utilities that are all available under Rs. 499 and go a long way to help you out with the daily kitchen needs. Though their MRP is much more than Rs 499 but they are all available in great budget deals wherein you can find them all in the range of Rs.199- Rs. 499. Do tell us your favorite one in the comments section below. Also, if you would like to read about some basic kitchen gadgets for all novice cooks, you can check our blog on the same!

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