Monthly Tarotscopes by the Tarot Priestess - June 2021

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By Mahasweta Mazumder

Aries(March 21- April 20):

In general, the Five of Pentacles is not a great card as it usually represents hardship, rejection, or a negative change in current circumstances. You may be feeling like the world is against you and nothing is going your way when it appears. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask others, such as family, for help and support.

Taurus(April 21- May 21):

The Four of Wands represents happy families, celebrations, surprises, parties, weddings, and events. It signifies coming home and reunions, feeling like you fit in, and being made to feel welcome and supported. This Minor Arcana card indicates success, prosperity, stability, security, and laying down roots. It tells you that you will be proud of your achievements and that your self-esteem will be high when it appears. It also represents teamwork, community spirit, and communities or families coming together.

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

Seven of Wands represents standing up for what you believe, maintaining control, and being strong-willed. This Minor Arcana card also indicates someone who is protective, defensive, assertive, relentless, and determined. It can suggest that you are under attack, being blamed, or scapegoated but you are resisting. Life may be challenging, busy, and hectic so you will need stamina to endure.

Cancer(June 22- July 22):

Nine of Swords indicate that your fear and anxiety levels are so high they are making you feel that things are worse than they are today. You will be feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with or face situations, problems, or just life in general and may have reached your breaking point. It can also signify feeling isolated and being the subject of gossip and it can represent nightmares and insomnia. 

Leo (July 23- August 23):


Three of Pentacles is a positive card to get in a Tarot spread. It represents learning, studying, and apprenticeship. It also signifies hard work, determination, dedication, and commitment at your end. You have worked hard to overcome your challenges and the effort you have put in should be paying off soon. It can also indicate that you may be collaborating with others to achieve your goals

Virgo (August 24- September 22):

The High Priestess possesses intuition, mystery, and sensuality combined with common sense. High Priestess card in a tarot reading indicates that now is the time to trust your instincts and go with your gut feeling. Pay attention to your dreams and the signs and symbols the universe is sending you when this card appears in your tarot reading.

Libra (September 23- October 23):

King of Wands indicates that you will have the energy, experience, and enthusiasm to accomplish what you set out to achieve. You are taking control of your life and will motivate those around you, lead the way forward, and set a good example for those who look up to you. You would also be usually supportive of those around you and would be lenient. But keep in mind, the King of Wands can be self-centered, hot-tempered, and controlling. However, at best, the card signifies pride, passion, honesty.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):

Six of Cups can represent nostalgia, childhood memories, and revisiting the past. When this card appears you may be being influenced by past events, reminiscing about the past, or thinking about someone from your past. The Six of Cups is also a card of young people and youthfulness and can represent having children or taking care of / working with them. It can also signify simplicity, playfulness, innocence, goodwill, protection, and family.

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21):

The Temperance card signifies balance, peace, patience, and moderation. This card indicates that you have found your inner calm and have a good perspective on things. You have learned how to adapt to situations with a clear mind and calm heart and keep your balance. Temperance indicates that you are truly in touch with who you actually are, what you value, and are finding it easier to figure out your aspirations and set yourself goals.

Capricorn( December 22- January 20):

The World card signifies having the world at your feet. It can represent new worlds opening up for you so you can expect to be welcomed by the people wherever you go. It can also mean that you will be successful and the opportunities available to you at the moment are endless. The universe is smiling upon you and luck is on your side when this card appears in your reading. So grab the opportunities available to you.

Aquarius(January 21-February 18):


The Page of Pentacles is the bearer of good news in earthly matters such as money, business, education, career, property, or health. It represents making a solid beginning or laying the foundation for future success. It tells you that if you currently make the right decisions and put in the groundwork then you will achieve your long-term goals.

Pisces(February 19- March 20):


Nine of Wands tells you that you are halfway through a battle. Recent events might have left you drained of all energy and you feel as if you can’t go on. But you just need to gather the last of your strength and push forward and you will be successful. It signifies gathering your strength, learning from past failures, fighting your corner, and making your last stand. It may suggest that things have not worked out the way you planned and there have been challenges/ setbacks in the past. But the Nine of Wands also tells you that you are close to success or nearly there.

An insight of the coming month! Do let us know if you resonate with the readings and pour in your responses!

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