Skincare & Haircare tips to protect you during the festival of colours

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Skincare and Hair care tips during Holi

The most colourful and vibrant festival of the year is round the corner. Not just in India but across the globe too Holi is celebrated with much fanfare, utmost fervour and merriment. The unparalleled happiness of being drenched in hues of pink, blue and yellow is a feeling that is second-to-none. While it’s all fun, festivities and games, the synthetic pigments, harsh colours and buckets of water take a toll on our skin, hair, body and health, and not to forget the environment. 

Since Bollywood has etched the image of a perfect Holi in all our minds, we all of course want to go out there and have some fun. In the quest of having a good time and getting those ‘gram worthy pictures, don’t forget the extra TLC (Tender Loving Care) your skin needs before and after the festival. 

Last year, the COVID-19 lockdown was a major bummer to most festivities. However, though the pandemic is still around, we believe there are many people who would like to celebrate the festival of colours safely. 

In this blog, we have you covered with all the skincare tips and hair care tips you’ll need while letting loose this Holi.

Pre-Holi Skincare Tips

  • Prep your skin: Skin prep is the first and most important step. Since your face is going to be exposed to the heat, sun, colours and dust, giving it a layer of protection is extremely important. Start by closing your pores. Massage your face with an ice cube for a few minutes. This will not just close open pores but also tighten the skin and ensure harmful pigments don’t penetrate into it that cause acne or breakouts. If not ice cubes, you can also use a toner.  
  • Slather oil all over your body: When we slather oil, we mean it. You don’t need any fancy oil. Coconut, almond or olive oil works wonders. You can even mix the three to create a protective layer on your hair and skin. Oil also helps in restoring the natural texture of your skin post the festivities as it keeps it nourished. Just before you’re about to step out, take warm oil in your palms and rub it all over gently. Before you know it will penetrate into your skin thereby giving you a non-sticky feeling. 

  • Applying sunscreen is a must: Holi is played during the peak summer months. The sharp rays of the sun can damage your skin and you definitely don’t want that. Before you oil your face, take a generous amount of sunscreen and moisturise it onto your face and neck. Use sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30. Pick a sunscreen formula that doesn’t melt or come off easily. We love the Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Tinted Sunscreen SPF 40. It is a non-greasy, mattifying formula that gets absorbed into your skin easily and keeps it protected. It also has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. Follow this up with your favourite oil. 

  • Lip Care: An often neglected but important skincare tip for Holi is applying petroleum jelly. Ditch those lipsticks for the day. Instead, protect your lips from harmful chemicals and colours by applying a thick layer of a nourishing lip balm. Choose a lip balm or petroleum jelly with SPF content. It keeps them hydrated and nourished throughout. You can check out the SebaMed SPF 30 Lip Defense Stick. It is ideal for dry and chapped lips. If not this, you can always go in for the good old Vaseline petroleum jelly. You can also coat the areas around your eyes and ears with it since colours usually tend to settle in. 
  • Nail Care Tips for Holi: Finding colour stuck between your skin and nails by the end of the Holi session is the worst thing ever. Save your nails from the damage by keeping them short and painting them with a dark coloured nail polish. This will prevent the colour from settling into the cuticles. Just before you step out to play, you can even coat each nail with olive oil or coconut oil to further prevent any colour from sticking or staining them. 

Pre-Holi Haircare Tips

  • Oil Massage: In all those Bollywood movies you would have seen actors dancing their hearts out with those long, lustrous locks. However, ladies, this seldom happens in the real world. In case you do that, you’ll be suffering with hair fall and damaged roots. The best haircare tip is getting a good oil massage just before you step out. Use coconut oil, almond oil or any other oil you generally use to keep your scalp, roots and strands nourished. The oil will act as a protective shield and prevent any colour from settling in. It also makes it easier to wash your hair post the festival. You can check out the Almond Oil from Dabur that is enriched with vitamin E. 
  • Avoid shampoo a day before: When you shampoo your hair, the scalp becomes dry and strips it off the natural oils. Hence, resist the urge of having a long shower the day before. The natural oils present in the scalp prevent the colours from having any harsh reaction on your hair and also eliminate unnecessary hair fall. 
  • Tie up your locks: It’s pretty tempting to leave your hair open. However, refrain from doing so. Put your hair together in a bun, braid or a semi up-do. Tied hair during Holi is the best way to look effortlessly stylish. You can also try out some fun hairstyles
  • Cover your head: These days there are pretty cute scarves, bandanas and caps available. You can always wear one of them to look stylish while protecting your hair/head. This will prevent any colour from sticking to your scalp. 

Post-Holi Skincare Tips

By the end of the celebration and festivities, you may be exhausted. Standing in front of the mirror you might find yourself looking scary as well, and may want to get rid of the colour ASAP. We understand the desperation. However, you consciously need to remind yourself to be gentle. Vigorously rubbing your skin with chemical-laden soaps and body washes will only make your skin rougher and damage it. Hence, here are few post-Holi skincare tips that will make sure you get back to your original self with the least amount of damage. 

  • Cleansing: As soon as you get back home, wash your face with soap or a good facial cleanser. We suggest you stay away from chemical-laden products as they can rip off the alkaline from your skin. Instead, opt for organic skincare products. Also, don’t scrub your skin vigorously, especially your face. Luke warm water is ideal to get the colour off. The Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash suits all skin types and is made from 100% botanical extracts. Massage your face for at least 20 seconds with it before rinsing. 
  • Oiling: Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil is a wonder product. Oiling isn’t just a Holi prerequisite but also an important part of the post-care regimen. It has a mild effect on the skin. The best way to get rid of the colour in intricate areas such as behind the ears, nostrils and eyes is by dipping a cotton ball in coconut oil and dabbing it in areas where the colour has settled. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off. Though the colour won’t come out completely, it will lighten. Do this for a few days until the colour has come off. 
  • Homemade Face Masks: In the quest of getting rid of the colour, your skin especially your face might tend to feel drier than usual. Nobody likes flaky and non-hydrated skin, right? Going to a salon for a facial isn’t the best idea. Instead, make your own face pack with ingredients you can find right in your kitchen. Use yogurt, honey and coffee powder to create the best and most gentle face mask ever. A natural face pack will moisturise your skin. Stay away from readymade face packs and sheet masks. 
  • Do not Exfoliate: A common mistake many people make is exfoliating the skin immediately after Holi. However, do not exfoliate at least for a week. Exfoliating will only damage your skin further and cause skin irritation. 

  • Moisturise Adequately: Each time you shower or cleanse your body, don’t forget to moisturise. Use a hydrating moisturiser or lotion that is replete with oils. This will help in restoring the natural pH balance of the skin. We absolutely love the Vaseline Intensive Care 24 hr nourishing Cocoa Glow Body Lotion. It is a non-greasy formula that will keep your skin hydrated and supple. 

  • Say goodbye to makeup and salon sessions for a few days: Avoid threading, shaving or waxing for at least a week after playing Holi. Your skin is already damaged. You don’t want to stress it out further by undergoing painful treatments. Another important skincare tip is trying not to wear too much makeup. Your skin needs to breathe. Stick to a good SPF moisturiser, a BB cream and lip balm at the most. We recommend the PONDS BB+ Cream that promises instant spot coverage. It carries a 30 SPF. 

Post-Holi Haircare Tips

  • Shampooing: When you step into a shower, the first thing you should do is rinse your hair well with water. This is the best way to get the dry colour off your scalp. Next, shampoo your hair as you would do normally. You could use your regular shampoo or buy an organic one like the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo from WOW Organics. It is known to restore the pH balance of the scalp and hair which further strengthens the roots and hair follicles. Leave the shampoo on for at least 10 minutes before washing it off. 
  • Conditioning: Following up with a conditioner is an absolute must. Due to the harmful colours, your hair would have lost its sheen and nourishment. Thus, the best way to restore it is by using a conditioner. 
  • Apply hair oil: Oil your hair at least once a week post the festival till it feels nourished. The best post-Holi haircare tip is sticking to natural, home remedies as much as possible. If there’s a hair mask routine you follow, stick to that. Do whatever you would normally do but keep it as minimal and natural as possible. 
  • Stay away from heat styling tools: You may be tempted to reach out to the straightener or curling iron. However, heat will only damage your hair further. Avoid any kind of heat, serums, gels and sprays for at least 10 days.

We hope that with all these skincare tips and haircare tips your concerns have been addressed. Festivals in India are the best time to enjoy with friends and family. Have a happy and safe Holi. If you’re stepping out, make sure you wear your mask and follow social distancing norms as much as you can.


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