Started Cleaning Your Home for DIWALI? Here Are Some Storage Solutions!

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By Ruchi Sharma
With Diwali, just around the corner, we all have rolled up the sleeves, put on a scarf overhead and got equipped with a broom! In short, it is time to clean and tidy up our houses. The yearly Diwali cleaning is full of surprises and often leads you to some lost treasures but at the same time, it is a very stressful event considering lack of space. The last-minute cleaning sometimes makes us so frustrated that we just stuff up the things wherever we can and later make a bigger mess of our house when we search things. But not this time, we got some amazing tips and a list of storage solutions to help you with your Diwali cleaning! Diwali clean-up is not only about cleaning; it is all about organizing and designating a proper place for things. So, right from getting your bedroom to living room to store room to even bathroom organized, this Diwali cleaning it is time to actually CLEAN the clutter away and get your stuff super organized.
Without further ado, here we go:

A Few Things to Invest on:

Time to Get Some Two in One Tables

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Wondering what are these? Well just like the beds which have storage built in them, these tables serve the similar purpose, all you need to is to get one of them and stuff them with some regular stuff lying over your living room. For example, books, chargers, utility kits or more. The base is your coffee table while what’s inside, no one can guess! What’s more, they look really classy and elegant and can bring a royal touch to your living room. You can even search up for some nice bedside tables as well.
You can buy it here.


Vacuum Storage Bags with Air Pump

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If you ever though that those unlimited clothes which you don’t use that frequently (especially seasonal ones) have no solution, then we have you sorted. These awesome bags take out every bit of the air shrinking the space required by blankets, quilts or any other clothes to up to 80%. Moreover, they offer anti-microbial protection for protecting the clothes too. Soon you will notice that a major space is cleared out in your wardrobes thanks to these reusable bags. Also, if it is your wardrobe that is the reason for major storage issue, you can read how to organize it with some amazing storage solutions here.
You can buy it here.


Mount on Dressing Table

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Did you know that space invested on a dressing table can also be saved? Yes, you can get one to organize all your beauty stuff yet there would be almost zero space taken up in the room. These wall mounted dressing tables are easy to hang up on a wall of your choice and you can store all your toiletries, perfumes, make up brushes, kits etc. at one place. The only thing to keep in mind is adjusting the height before mounting it.
You can buy it here.


Rustic Style Cabinet for TV

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Your living room ambiance just went up a notch and at the same time, now you have multi-space to organize everything lying over randomly. Right from magazines, books to even some beautiful dinnerware pieces can be stored perfectly in them while your next movie time experience would look super amazing.
You can buy it here.


Wall Mount Corner Shelves

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The corners of the rooms are most underutilized space in our houses. At most, we just put in a random flower pot in there. But with these kind of shelves, you could not only put in those lovely artworks packed away in store rooms but also those lovely pictures of all those special moments could be framed and put in there.
You can buy it here.


Over the Door Storage

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You can hang them over the door and organize random stuff like files, notebooks magazines, books etc. at one place. Some of them can even be used to organize stuff like socks, ties etc. They would help in ensuring that there is a proper place for little things and them being at the back of the door, no one else will even notice.
You can buy it here.


Storage Baskets

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The beauty of these is that wherever you have some space, be it below your bed, living room, coffee table or even below some furniture, they can easily be slid in. You can use them to store kid’s toys, books, pillows or anything that you want at hands reach but not visible to others.
You can buy it here.


Hidden Storage Behind a Bathroom Mirror

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Any bathroom is incomplete without a mirror but often used toiletries sometimes are left randomly all over if they don’t have dedicated cabinets. This wall mounted mirror storage can help in keeping your toiletries organized and also away from the eyes until you actually need them. Also, they are kept away from any kind of water splashes.
You can buy it here.


Behind the Door Storage

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You can utilize the space behind the door too. If there is a utility room in your home, you can use these mop hangers for a wall behind a door as they don’t really occupy much space and won't hinder or block the opening of the door.
You can buy it here.
You can organize your kitchen storage too with some of the storage solutions in this blog.

Tips for Diwali Storage

Sort things out
First put the things in order before stacking them away. This way you won’t lose any important stuff or put some wrong things together.
The best storage option is the cardboard carton in which you recieve your online orders. They are perfect to store away any kind of things you won't require soon. Absolutely perfect to stack away random utility items or books. That too with zero investment!
Keep in mind the existing storage available
This way you would know how and where you can put things and if you decide to invest on something, is it really required or would it fit in your home.
Disposing away things you don’t require
Cleaning the house is totally incomplete if you don’t get rid of things that are now redundant for you. Sometimes you won’t even realize how much clutter was lying around you and making your house shabby when it wasn’t even needed in your house in the first place.
Which place is most cluttered?
If it is the kitchen, you should stick to organizing it first. (You can get some help organizing your kitchen with some more storage solutions here.) While if it is the living room, maybe a mini revamp is required or if it is the bedroom maybe a wardrobe re-organisation could help.
Staircase drawer
If you are getting some renovation work done for your home, you can invest on a staircase drawer, it is unique and no one will ever be able to guess there is a drawer just below the staircase!
We hope you have fun with the Diwali cleaning and this time the yearly cleaning brings a smile on your face when your home starts looking even more organized and beautiful than ever before.
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