The Story of Smiles

1 minute

Smiles can be really dubious at times. 

You may not know the reason behind the smiles of everyone you meet in a day. 

Some might be in a very damaged plight yet they manage to keep up the curve on their face to fool the people around. 

Some might be extremely happy and content at heart and that's why their lips are always wide apart. 

Some might be smiling only to overshadow the tears in their eyes. 

Some souls might be bleeding from inside yet they have to carry the load of the grin.


So the next time, you meet someone and smile at them. 

Give them the reason, the curiosity to observe and find out theories for your smile. 

Your smile is a mystery. 

Smile in solitude and see the magic. 

You will get lost in yours. 

Not everyone will try to dig in your thoughts. 

But the ones who will hit the chords are the ones who really cared. 

Smile and fool the world. 

Cause that's what smiles are made for.


Every smile has a story, I hope you find yours!

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