These Cool Kitchen Gadgets Are Sure To Make You Feel Fancy

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Welcome to our third compilation of cool kitchen gadgets. Missed out on our first two articles? And wondering what they are all about? Then check out the first article here: it lists out some super cool and functional tools for all novice cooks. Trust us when we say once you have those tools you’ll look forward to entering the kitchen and trying out new recipes as your life will be a whole lot easier with them. Once you are done checking that article out, do read the second edition of kitchen tools here. We’ve listed out some basic electrical gadgets that every kitchen should have. These will also ensure your work in the kitchen feels like a breeze. And now we are presenting to you the third and the most fanciest list of kitchen gadgets ever. This list is a mix of some new innovations and some high-end appliances. All enough to lure the curiosity of anyone from a beginner to an experienced cook. Scroll down and see which gadget fits your needs and kitchen.

1. Multi pot

Also known as an electric pressure cooker, this is one really cool multi-tasking device. It lets you slow cook, pressure cook, steam, saute, bake cakes, warm your food, pasteurize and culture yoghurt. Most of these come with an LCD screen and control panel with multiple cooking functions and preset programs. This is not only a fast and hassle-free device to cook your meals but is also very safe to use.

2. Coffee maker

Coffee aficionados, this one’s for you. With a coffee maker you can brew your own coffee to perfection at home. Many variants and types of these are available from drip coffee maker to an e-smart one which is enabled by an app. Take your pick to make everything from espressos, cappuccinos to macchiatos and lattes.

3. Air fryer

Air fryers have been all the rage in the last few years and we can understand why. They have something called rapid air technology wherein hot air is used to fry, grill, bake and roast your food. This technique needs little or no oil, thereby making anything you cook in it way healthier while still being delicious!

4. Philips Avent combined steamer/ blender

This unique appliance is very handy when it comes to making nutrient-rich & healthy food for your baby. It uses steam to cook vegetables, meats, fish & fruits instead of boiling - this is great as steaming helps preserve all the nutrients of the food as well as the texture and cooking liquids. Once your ingredients are steam cooked, you just have to flip the same jar to blend all of them together. This appliance can also be used to make sauces and finger foods.

5. Foam gun/Whipped Cream Whipper

The cream whipper & dispenser, also known as a cream siphon is sure to make anyone feel like a professional chef & fancy in their home kitchens! This appliance usually has an aluminium body and it uses pressurized gas to instantly whip cream, make foams and other infusions. This is great if you are a dessert person and especially love soft whipped cream.

6. Ice cream machine

Looking to make fresh, preservative-free ice cream at home? Then an ice-cream machine is something you can invest in. These machines come in compact sizes these days and are even equipped with digital timers which can be used to pre-set the timing for the mixer to operate. This way you can both preserve energy and also do some other work while your ice-cream is being made. And we’d suggest you don’t just stop at making ice-creams but also make sorbets, gelatos and frozen yoghurts with this machine.

7.Sous vide device

Sous vide is french for under vacuum and is a technique in which food is cooked in an airtight container or vacuum sealed pouch for a long time over low temperature. You might have seen the usage of these techniques by professional chefs and in popular cooking competition reality shows like MasterChef etc. You can now try this at your home by getting yourself a Sous Vide precision cooker. By heating and circulating the water in the pot, this machine lets you cook your meats and vegetables to perfection. These are also enabled with bluetooth technology so that you can easily monitor your cooking from your mobile device.


8. Vacuum Sealer

Another device which will make your kitchen go from basic to fancy in a jiffy, a vacuum sealer can make sealing away your food easy and hassle free. Your food can be fresher for longer when you vacuum seal it. And this machine can especially come in handy if you like using the sous vide technique for cooking your cook.

9. Gourmet stand mixer

This appliance is every baking aficionado's dream and something that pretty much every professional baker has.  It is a powerful machine that can mix, whip and beat ingredients easily and in a short period of time that. Making baked treats & gourmet desserts will be a breeze if you have a stand mixer to assist you.

10. Blast Freezer

These rapidly freeze food by bringing down the temperature of foods down very quickly. These are often used by professional chefs wherein they make menu items and then rapidly freeze them for later use. These are expensive and something you should get only if you really have a use for them. But if you fancy one, why not?

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