Weekly Horoscope(19th Sep-25th Sep)

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WEEKLY HOROSCOPE(SEP19-SEP25)Reading based on moon Sign.

Weekly Horoscope:19th Sep-25th Sep 2021.

Reading-based on moon sign.

Major Transits: Mercury would be moving to its friendly sign of Libra.

Current planetary position: Jupiter in Saturn, Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Libra, Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo.


The moon transits in the 11th,12th, and 1st house. Sunday and Monday there can be extremely beneficial. Small health-related issues however you would be able to overcome. Students can do well in competitive exams. Rest of the week there may be work related burden for employees and homemakers. Support from superiors at the workplace. There may be unknown fear.Unemployed can get jobs in a different location.Best time to start new agreements or new business.Gains after struggles and arguments.Do not lend money or give money till the 24th.

Lucky Colour: yellow

Lucky number: 4

Remedies:Donate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Feed Cows and Pray Sun GOD.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday would be favorable. Politicians can prosper this week. Financial growth seen after the 24th.Old court cases will be cleared.Long journeys seen.Also can attend auspicious events.Planning for foreign travel.Should be careful while investing, students will find it difficult to focus.Disputes with spouse and issues with business partners.Finance can improve and can recover past debts after heated discussions.Students will do well.

Lucky color: Red

Lucky number: 8

Remedies:Pray SUN GOD.


The first four days of the week will be stressful. Love related matters can be fruitful after the 24th of this month. Disputes with government. A lot of disputes within the family and unexpected financial losses. Be careful while driving vehicles, There can be change in profession or transfer to a new place. Also issues in your current workplace. On Fridays and Saturday can see some unexpected expenditure related to land and property. Do not start anything new or leave your current job without a proper job offer. Hospitals visits seen,planning made but no execution. Employees and enterprenuers should be extremely favour.

Remedies:Pray Godess Lalitha Devi.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky number: 1


6 planets are favourable. Moon transit in 8th,9th and 10th house.Extremely good time for employees.Can expect sudden gains in business.Can start new business or start anything which was stopped earlier. Disputes with the spouse will be resolved..Students need to work hard to achieve their goals.Good time for unmarried as they can get good marriage proposals.Good time for students especially students who are in civil engineering.Also excellent period for people in construction field. Long journeys expected,people who have taken debt should be careful.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky number: 7

Remedies:Pray Lord Shani.


Moon transit in 7,8th  and 9th house from your sign.There can be issues with the family members .Lot of confilcts related to property related matters.Success in business-related matters. Health issues can be seen this week.Check you expenditure and also watch your eating habits this week.Can end up in a heated argument with the family members.Good time for employees and business people.Also unemployes can expect better jobs,can puchase new vehciles,also children will prosper.Students can do well in competitive exams.

Remedies:Donate on Thursdays.Pray Lord Shiva ,Lord Shani

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky number: 9


4 planets are in favour. Can spend good time with family members.Can expect sudden gains in business. Prosperity in home.Would be extremely creative as Jupiter is in the 5th house from your sign.Need to check your temper. Avoid spicy food. Please take care of health and should be careful while driving. Drinking lot of water can be beneficial. Mercury and Venus in your send sign. Can loose relations because of ego.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky number: 2

Donate on Sundays & Tuesdays.


Mercury and Venus in your sign. Can be under stress because of work, family, and money-related issues however you will be overcome as your lord sign is in your own sign. Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday are beneficial. Sunday and Monday can be stressful as you need to focus on home-related matters. Heavy expenditure seen. However luck is in your favour. Students may find it difficult to focus. Can be very careful in making investments.Can get ancestor property. Also can get government related jobs. Can sell old vehicles or  property and purchase new one.

Lucky Colour: Sky blue

Lucky number: 5

Remedies:Pray Lord Ganesha.


4 planets are favourable. Moon would be transiting in 4th,5th and 6th houses this week. Focus is mainly on job and business. Can earn name and fame this week. Employees who have been working very hard for the past few years can expect promotions. Long and short journeys favourable.Disputes with siblings.Need to prioritize yoga and spirituality as Ketu in your sign. All old disputes would be resolved. Students would find it difficult to focus. 

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky number: 3

Remedies:Donate on Thursdays.


Extremely good period, very successful in all verticals of life.Can expect gains in business and promotion in job.Can recover past debts. A long time wait for government-related jobs will be fulfilled. Do not speak unnecessarily. Pending works will be completed.Can get laons appoved.Students should work hard for desired results. Employees should not resign without a proper offer. Women can face mental issues.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky number: 2

Remedies:Pray SUN GOD and feed cows.


Moon transiting in 2,3 and 4 house. Tuesdays,Wednesdays can be favourable. Also lot of expenditure seen on self.Stress because of family members and relatives.2 planets favourable.Can expect long journeys this week.Luck would favour employees.Yoga and meditation can bring a relief.Misunderstandings with business partners and spouse.People who are in the fashion designing, the textile industry will be successful this week.Do not argue with father.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky number: 8

Remedies:Pray Lord Venkateshwara & Goddess Durga.


Moon transit in the 1st,2nd and 3rd house from your sign this week. Overall 4 days are favourable this week. Positive results for people who are into research.Long journeys possible. Expenditure seen. Do not start anything new and avoid unnecessary journeys. Can expect transfers or change in the workplace.Not the right time to make any important decision.Gains in business related matters.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky number: 5

Remedies:Pray lord Kaila Bhairava


5 planets supporting you this week.Issues seen in marital life.Moon transiting in 11,12th and 1st house.Can expect wealth from multiple sources. Focus will be mainly on earning wealth, can get paternal property. Sunday and Monday can be stressful but you will be able to achieve the desired results. Unmarried can get good marriage proposals. Disputes with spouse and with business partners.

Lucky Colour: Katthai

Lucky number: 1

Remedies:Donate on Sundays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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