5 Reasons Why You Should Start Taking Cinnamon for PCOS

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                                By Vaishnavi Srivastava

We have talked a lot about PCOS and its physical and psychological effects on the body as well as the mental health of a woman. As we know, there is still no cure for PCOS, we do have a bunch of treatments that can prove to be effective in controlling the symptoms of the same. 

From incorporating certain food items into our diet to making lifestyle changes, there is a lot that can be done to keep the hormones under control. Talking about supplements, cinnamon is one such ingredient that can do wonders in controlling PCOS symptoms. 

Let’s take a look at why is cinnamon a boon for PCOS!

1. Helps in decreasing insulin levels

One of the major reasons behind PCOS is the increased insulin level. Insulin resistance is extremely common in women with PCOS and this results in regulating other symptoms such as hair loss, acne, etc. It’s the body’s incapability of recognizing the insulin produced normally by the body and hence it leads the insulin levels to rise. 

Cinnamon works wonders in controlling the insulin levels of the body helping to reduce the symptoms driven by the same. 

2. Anti-inflammatory

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in lowering inflammation in women with PCOS. Inflammation is one major cause of PCOS that acts as an impetus in increasing the visibility of the symptoms such as severe acne, male pattern hair loss, etc. 

3. Improved Menstrual Cycle

It has been seen in a lot of studies that incorporating a pinch or two of cinnamon in your diet can help majorly in improving your menstrual cycle. Consistent consumption of cinnamon shows better results and regular menses in women with PCOS. 

4. Decreases blood sugar levels

Women with PCOS are extremely prone to having higher sugar levels due to the disturbed levels of insulin produced in their bodies. 

Cinnamon does the job effectively decreasing the blood sugar levels by mimicking insulin and it also decreases the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream. This helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in check and helps with controlling the symptoms of PCOS as well. 

5. Reduces cholesterol levels

Increased levels of cholesterol increase the risk of heart attacks in women with PCOS. As PCOS directly affects the metabolism of the body, women having this syndrome are always at a higher risk of having higher levels of LDL or cholesterol. 

Cinnamon helps in reducing LDL levels and also works on the body’s metabolism. 

These are the 5 benefits of adding cinnamon to your diet if you are someone who is suffering from this syndrome. 

Regular intake of cinnamon by adding a pinch of it in your smoothies, green tea, meals, or even in yogurt can deliver amazing results in controlling the symptoms of PCOS!

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