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Let’s be honest that all women have been jealous of Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner’s nails. Who doesn’t want long nails? Everyone! But all thanks to our nail-biting habit, poor knowledge of maintaining long nails, we can’t keep them. Also, over time, nails can become flimsy, brittle, weak, and start to chip. We try every resort to make our nails look alluring and robust. Grateful to the advancements made in technology, everything is possible. Faux nails, acrylic nails, and press-on nails are slowly but surely changing the beauty game. False nails are the best, economical way to long-shaped, attractive nails. But before you rush and shop for artificial nails, let’s help you elucidate about the Best Budget-Friendly Nail Extensions currently dominating the nail market.

Even if the satisfaction we feel after having a trip down the nail salon can’t be put into words, they cause a dent in our wallets. Moreover, due to the pandemic, visiting salons to get nail extensions seems a bit risky. When choosing an artificial nail brand, getting confused is natural as there are so many to pick from, and one’s choice is mainly impacted by their needs, expectations, and budget. Therefore, we have trimmed some of the best options to get nail extensions done while sitting at home to help you decide what’s best.


1. Beromt High Shine Glossy Finish

We all know that false press on nails, even though less expensive, are tricky to apply. Another thing about false nails is that our desire gets limited; we don’t get the liberty of choosing the design of the nails. Most of the press-on nails are already colored and designed. But, with Beromt, you no longer have to hold on to your desire. Beromt offers a plethora of collections that vary according to the shape and style of the nails. The shapes available are Square, Almond, Coffin, Ballerina, Claws, etc., and the types are Studded, Glossy, Matte, French Tips suitable for weddings and parties. The nails are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic ABS materials and won’t cause any harm to your natural nails. Plus, the application and removal process is relatively easy. So, if you are going to any party, without any hesitation, grab a set of these perfectly manicured nails, and you’re ready.

2. BORN PRETTY Glittering Extension Gel

For Gen Z, BORN PRETTY has brought a revolution in the nail industry. Poly gel nails are widely popular for the shine and finish they offer: perfect & lustrous. These gel nails are more robust and durable than acrylic nail extensions. There’s a preconceived misconception that gel nails are bad for natural nails. But, BORN PRETTY has entered the nail market to prove you wrong. This nail kit comes with a topcoat, a base coat, a slip solution, and the colours differ on the type of nails you choose. But the colours range from 6 to 10 colours that are perfect for any Indian skin tone. The nails are high-quality, long-lasting, smooth, and easy to apply, as the kit comes with a manual that gives detailed instructions on using and removing the nails.

We know that Poly Gel Nails are something novel for you, therefore to ease your situation, here’s a tutorial video.

3. Miss Claire Miss Claire 100 Nails Tip

Many people worry that their fragile nails will get more damaged due to nail glue, so they avoid using gel nails. For a glue-less press-on experience, Miss Claire has a wide range of classic press-on nails that will do zero damage to your nail bed. Miss Claire’s nails are very economical, so there’s no worry about spending a fortune. They are meticulously crafted to appear super thin by having minimal contact that gives the illusion of a natural finish. These instant fix nails are easy to apply and allow for a quick French manicure that looks as natural as ever. The nails are uncoloured; therefore, you can colour them as you wish.

4. Synaty 24PCS Everlasting French Nails Artificial Nails Art Set

Another product that everyone’s been currently gossiping about is the Synaty Everlasting French Artificial Nails Art Set. This Nail Art Set is available in various sizes like Ballerina Silver, French Lines, French Toes, Round, Almond, Oval Short. If you want instant, salon-like nails at home, you should immediately get your hands on this incredible kit. It’s chic, ultra-trendy, incredibly comfortable, and easy to use. It is durable and can last up to two weeks. The set contains 30 durable pieces of press-on artificial nails that align perfectly with your cuticles. You can trim and file them according to the size for your liking. Plus, these nails are chip-proof and smudge-proof.

5. Kiss Products Everlasting French Petite Nail Kit

We know many people don’t like wearing nail polish and prefer to keep their nails nude. For such people, Kiss Revolutionary French Nails is what they are looking for. These nails don’t have any nail enamels, colours, or patterns and have a very natural, salon finish look. You can either use the nails or paint your canvas the way you like. These artificial nails are extra-durable and won’t come off or break easily. The ultra-flexible quality of the nails makes them fit perfectly into the cuticles. Application of the nails is very easy, as it comes with nail glue and a wooden file. One remarkable thing to note about these is that they are 25% thinner than the cuticles, which means they will have a snug fit. So, what’s the wait for? Grab your nail kit soon!


These are a few options to try if you are looking for some fun, trendy, chic artificial nails. Remember that gel-based polish requires a UV or LED light to dry the polish and lock it into your nails. Although fake nails are safe for use, as rightly said, too much of anything can be harmful; make optimal use, and no harm will come your way. Embrace your choices by trying out these latest trends for your nails, and don’t forget to have fun!

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