Kitchen Organizers that Help in Being Space-Efficient!

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By Ruchi Sharma

Does your kitchen become a mess on the grocery stocking day? All slabs and counters full of piles of various grocery products with no real means to organize them? Don’t worry. It’s not just you, we all have faced this issue at least once in our life and in absence of proper storage solutions, the mess seems as it is until the grocery actually gets consumed! This issue is more prevalent for people with small or medium size kitchens that do not have proper storage cabinets or space. Moreover, it’s not always lack of space for grocery only, often the crockery too doesn’t have a proper storing space, this is especially true for regular crockery items that are left to dry after washing and then used the next day from that same slab. This doesn’t mean that spacious kitchens are always neat and organized. Trust us, organized kitchens aren’t only always there in TV serials or glossy advertisements. It’s a reality that can be achieved with proper storage solutions and tools! The best solution is using the limited space effectively and today there are hundreds of such solutions available! You will find hundreds and thousands of kitchen racks available in the market which you might be already using in your home. But there are some really unique kitchen organizers and storage solutions out there that are real space savers! What’s more? They are quite budget-friendly too! We have some solutions assembled here and another blog on the way so that all of us can achieve those picture perfect organized and neat kitchens!

1. Multiple Layer Storage Organizer Slim Rack Shelf

These slim racks can easily find space in any small crevice between the refrigerator and the slabs or even parallel to a wall. The main beauty is that these have wheels, so it is really easy to just stuff them between two existing furnishings in the kitchen and take it out whenever the products are needed. Works really well for holding things like sauce bottles, jams, pickles or even veggies and fruits, it has a hollow bottom that ensures that even if there is water, it doesn’t get stored and is properly drained. It easily slides and thus is ideal not only for kitchen organisation but for utility rooms as well.

2. Microwave and Oven Rack

Quite often we are frustrated seeing that the space occupied by the microwave or the oven is left useless since we can’t obviously store anything over microwaves or ovens. This rack is a perfect answer to this problem. It takes its place over the microwave and voila! You get a two or a three-tier rack over the microwave where you can store your containers or even other little electrical gadgets like the toaster, kettle etc. The side hooks can be perfectly used to hang ladles and spoons as well! An excellent space saver and a perfect organizer! Just check the dimensions of your oven/ microwave before ordering it.

3. Pan and Pot Organizer

It’s really difficult to store those multiple pans or griddles and often some of them loose their precious coating as well due to being stacked one over other. This organizer takes space of only one pan and can store up to 5 pans in the same space. That too without the fear of scratching & the coating being worn off due to rubbing of pans over one another. It’s made from metal and has reasonably good versatility as well, as far as the measurements of pan or griddles go. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally though the space saver works better if you place it vertically. It can be used to store not only pans and pots but also skillets, trays, dishes or griddles.

4. Vegetable/ Fruit Basket Stand Trolley

Sometimes it is really difficult to store veggies and fruits that need to be kept at room temperature or require exposure to fresh air for more durability. Vegetables like potato, onion etc. often find their place stored poorly over a kitchen slab randomly. This trolley is a perfect solution to store vegetables and can fit quite easily next to washer, wall etc. It comes along with wheels which means it is movable as well. You can take it out when veggies are needed & tuck it away when not required. Apart from vegetables, the shelves can also be used to store other pantry items or spice jars or even containers.

5. Plastic Fridge Organizer

Another important part of any kitchen is the fridge! Often its becomes really messy to effectively organize the fridge and ensure that the things are visible. These organizers are a great solution in ensuring that the fridge remains organized and vegetables or other essentials remain visible. Their airtight lid ensures that the product inside remains free from any odour. It can be used to store vegetables, fruits, pasta or any other thing as well. The handle makes it super easy to take it out without the worry of the contents toppling over.

6. Over the Sink Drying Rack

The space over the washing station is often left underutilized. This rack is a perfect solution to dry those freshly washed cutlery in a very organized fashion and at the same time the excess water gets drained in the sink itself. So, it’s a real treat as one doesn’t need to bother about excess water seeping on slabs. It ensures clean and tidy drying. The slots are well divided for plates, bowls, chopping boards or any other regular use cutlery. It completely solves the problem of counter space being limited and helps in easy access to kitchen cutlery.

7. Under Cabinet Storage Shelf

Do you have a few randomly placed slabs on the walls? Then we have just the right storage solution for you to make sure that those slabs are used in  space efficient way. These cool shelves just slide over the slabs and you get an additional under storage shelf that can be used to store jars, containers etc. They also have a long loop type structure as well which can be used for putting kitchen rolls, tissue rolls etc.

Each one of us has some really good collection of nice jars and containers to store in the pantry but it’s not that easy to actually store these jars and containers themselves! We hope some of these organizers and storage options help in making your kitchen tidy and super organized. We have another list of kitchen organizers on the way soon that can help you in taking care of often-ignored areas!

Do let us know which is your favorite one in this list in comments below!

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