Skincare 101: An interview with Sharada Suman

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By Likita Gowda

We all know that a lot goes into keeping your skin healthy. It is certainly not an overnight process. You would have to invest in it every single day, use the right kind of products on your skin, eat right, sleep right and stay stress free. Seems like a lot? But trust us it’s not. It’s the least you could do for yourself. Besides, taking care of your skin is therapeutic as well, it will make you feel good about yourself. 

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So, what does one do when it comes to finding the perfect skincare routine for oneself? It’s a slow process which firstly involves figuring out your skin to the T. Only when you understand your body and skin better would you be able to find and ultimately use products that would work for you the best. Once you know your skin well, your next step would be researching on the kind of products that would suit it well and then comes the process of trying out the products. With trial and error and patience, you should be able to figure out your own little skincare routine. 

While we are sure one can figure out their skincare routine on their own, there is a way that can make the whole process simpler and easier. And that way is taking the help and recommendations of skincare experts & content creators. They sample and test way more products than regular people and have more knowledge about skincare. And when you find a skincare blogger whom you can trust, and if their skin is similar to yours then it will be much easier for you to find products that would suit your skin. 

And one such skincare enthusiast that we are super fond of is Sharada Suman. We love her reviews on products for how honest and unbiased they are. We are super glad to bring to you this little interview that we did with her wherein she spoke to us about her skincare routine and more.

Hi Sharada. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get interested in skin care & beauty?

I am Sharada, a Technical Lead in an MNC and a skincare lover from Chennai, India. I post my thoughts on Instagram about my skincare experiences and new discoveries.

What does skin care mean to you?

My skincare routine is really just the time that I take for myself. I think of it as "me time", going through my skincare ritual every day is uplifting and therapeutic for me. 

What skin care routine would you recommend to someone who is just starting out with having a routine?

Cleanser - Toner - Moisturizer- Sunscreen. The key is to start slow and start simple. Once you have a simple routine in place that you follow consistently, you can later introduce more steps and products if required.

What is your AM skincare routine?

My morning skincare routine is pretty minimal and simple. I like to cleanse my skin first, then I either use a toner or essence. After that I apply a vitamin c serum followed by a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

What is your PM skincare routine?

My night time routine is what I consider my ‘me’ time. And it is all about prevention and repair. I always start with a double cleanse to remove any trace of grime and dirt from my face. Post this I use a mask sometimes, this depends on how much time I have or how indulgent I am feeling on that particular day. After this, similar to my AM routine, instead of Vitamin C serum, I use a treatment intensive product (with Retinol, or Niacinamide or AHAs or Peptides). I finish off with a moisturiser + Facial oil.

Do you have a mantra or quote that you live by?

Be grateful for good health and loved ones and most of all - count your blessings. And be kind to one another.


To stay updated with all that's new and nice in skincare, you can follow Sharada on Instagram @sharadasuman

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