Weekly Horoscope: Oct 3rd-Oct 9th

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Reading-based on the moon sign.

Current planetary position: Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn.Ketu in Scorpio, Rahu in Taurus, Sun and Mars in Virgo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio.


Sun, Mars and mercury, and Venus are favorable in total 4 planets are favourable. Overall 5 days favourable. Your focus will be to overcome challenges, win over disputes. Sun,mercury and the first lord in the 6th house can make you extremely competitive and win over enemies. Disputes seen with in-law’s.Joint assets may not be upto your satisfaction. Unnecessary expenditure seen in the weekend.Heavy workload seen this week.Need to be extremely patient in job.Need to pray to Lord Jupiter and Lord Saturn.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky number: 4

Remedies: Donate on Tuesdays .Feed Cows and Pray lord Kumaraswami


8 planets are not favourable this week. Moon transit in 4th,5th and 6th place.3 planets are in the fifth house. Focus will be on children. May behave harshly with children. People in creative fields may not get positive results this week. The 6th lord is in the 7nth house.so may feel detached from spouse. Disputes with spouse and marriage partner. Students will be extremely confused in making a decision. Also wealth related decisions should be taken wisely after consultation from experts. Do Navagraha shanti mantra or Pray lord SHIVA.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky number: 2

Remedies: Pray to SUN GOD


Only planet mercury which is in 4th place from gemini is the only favourable planet. Extremely difficult period for this sign as 8 planets are not favourable. Family life will be extremely disturbing. May not have inner peace. Mothers health may suffer. Also can face health related issues. Students may face obstacles in achieving their goals. Also may not be able to focus well in job as there are too many disturbances at home. Also should be careful while driving. A lot of unexpected expenditure was seen. Please communicate properly if you are looking to sell property in order to avoid any losses in future.

Lucky Colour: Sindhuri

Lucky number: 7

Remedies: Pray Lord Ganesha


Moon transit happens in the 2nd and 3rd houses. Five planets are favourable this week. Incomplete work will be completed in the first 4 days of the week. Can earn wealth with proper investments.As Ketu and Venus conjunct in the 5th house may not be satisfied with children’s growth.As Venus in 5th house can spend time with friends and family.Can earn wealth as Rahu is in 11nth house.Pray Lord Ketu and lord Saturn for better results. 

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky number: 2

Remedies: Pray Lord Ganesha


Moon transit in the first, second, and third house. Mercury in the second house,Venus in the fourth house,Saturn in 6th house and Rahu in 10th house are favourable this week. A lot of positive outcomes seen however need to avoid unnecessary expenditure. So even though you achieve your targets may not be happy from the inside. Also can face some health related issues. Can be an increase in enemies.Troubles with children and investments. Praying your diety on Thursdays can get better results.

Lucky Colour: Marron

Lucky number: 8

Remedies: Donate on Thursdays. Pray Lord Venkateshwara


Moon transit happening in the 12th ,1st and the second house this week. Expenditure seen on self. Care should be taken on health. Marriage life may not be so fruitful. Should avoid being egoistic. Can get detached from friends and family. Praying Lord Vishnu or chanting Vishnu Sahasra namam can give you a lot of confidence, courage, and strength to overcome obstacles.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky number: 4

Remedies: Pray Lord Dattatreya. Donate on Sundays & Tuesdays


Mixed results were seen today this week. Troublesome time seen from Tuesday morning to Friday evening. A lot of stress seen and unnecessary travels seenMeeting your old friends can also happen this week. Moon and Venus are favorable this week.& planets are not favorable this week. Arthastma Shani and Rahu in the 8th house can give a lot of mental pressure and cause unknown fear and health issues. Should not expect huge profits in business as 4 planets are in the 12th house. However, people in research-related fields will be successful. Thursdays ,Fridays and Saturdays can have peace of mind on these days. Money can be spent on long journeys. Pray Sun GOD,Mercury and Lord Mars.

Lucky Colour: Kathayyi

Lucky number:2

Remedies: Pray Lord Dakshinamurthy


5 planets are favorable for you this week. Also, the moon transiting in good houses. Success, name, and recognition in job and business. Suggestions from your elders, very close friends, elder friends can benefit. Old friends can meet.Overall it is a very fruitful week as the first lord is in the 11th house of gains. Also, health issues will be resolved. Business can get more profits. However debilitated Jupiter can increase the expenditure on vehicles, property.

Lucky Colour: Sky blue

Lucky number:3

Remedies:Donate on Thursdays


Moon transit in 9th,10th and 11nth house. The 9th and 10th lord are in the 10th house. Irrespective of many obstacles you would be able to complete difficult jobs which can give you rise in the profession. Good time for students who are looking to appear for any competitive exams as there are 3 planets favorable in the 10th house. The unemployed can get better job opportunities. Improvement in income.Can expect reward and recognition from management and superiors.7 planets are in your favor.Would suggest not waste time to ensure maximum gains.Pray Lord Shani.

Lucky Colour: Magenta

Lucky number: 8

Remedies: Pray SUN GOD and donate on Tuesdays as Ketu on 12th from your sign


Venus and Ketu which are in the 11th house are favorable. Moon transit happens in the 8th,9th, and 10th houses. Stress and fatigue were seen this week. difference of opinion with father. Long journeys and short journeys have been seen this week. The last three days of the week can give some relief in job-related matters. Unable to decide and lack self-confidence because of overthinking. Do not spend or think too much about what is unnecessary. Can attend auspicious events in the latter part of the week.Praying Lord Vishnu or chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam can get better results.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky number: 5

Remedies: Pray Goddess Durga


Moon transit in the 7th,8th and 9th house.The first two days will be favorable. Fridays and Saturdays can be slightly stressful.3 planets and moon would be transiting in the 8th house.Need to be extremely careful with our health. Excess of expenditure is seen as two planets are in the 12th house.Spouse health, mother related issues can bring discomforts. Do not take too much stress as this can lead to health-related issues.Need to be extremely careful while making any decision.Students, businessmen, and mothers may be under heavy stress. Praying Lord SHIVA is the ultimate remedy for all your issues.

Lucky Colour: Badami

Lucky number: 2

Remedies: Pray SUN GOD


4 planets are favorable this week. Moon transit in 6th,7th and 8th house.Can expect profits in the first five days of the week.3 planets are in the 7th house so there can be a conflict with spouse and business partners. Need to be patient and should be extremely careful in dealing with people. There may be a lot of provocation from others however should not end up making a wrong decision. Planning for the future will be done. Unexpected journeys and expenditures saw this week. Unmarried may not be good proposals. Investments can be done this week. Should avoid conflicts with near and dear.Pray Lord KRISHNA.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky number: 9

Remedies: Donate on Sundays, Tuesdays

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