12 Body Positive Influencers You Have To Follow

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For years women have been conditioned to believe in society's unattainable beauty standards that have been set for them. Our self-esteem is frequently determined by how others perceive us. By supporting lean body forms and disseminating anti-obesity messages, social media has had a significant influence on the perceptual, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural components of body image. Eating disorders cause a skewed connection between the individual, their eating habits, and their body form. That is why body positivity is so important in our lives today. It’s more than just a hashtag- Bodies should always be cherished, no matter how they seem naturally. 

What is body positivity? 

Body positivity is the belief that everyone, regardless of how society and popular culture define ideal form, size, or appearance, deserves to have a positive body image. It is about questioning how society views people based on their physical size and shape. It also acknowledges that race, gender, sexuality, and disability are frequently used to make judgments.

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Instagram is well-known for being a platform where individuals share the highlights of their lives- exotic vacations and perfect pictures. It's easy to feel down when scrolling constantly, believing you'll never measure up to the influencers being hailed. Social media has had a significant influence on the perceptual, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural elements of body image by supporting lean body forms and disseminating anti-obesity messages. Eating disorders cause a skewed connection between the individual, their eating habit, and their body form.

However, in the last few years, we've witnessed a significant shift in how bodies are portrayed in the media and in society. The development of cultural beauty standards has come from the acceptance of new narratives about women's bodies. Marketers have become more accepting of various definitions of beauty in the context of advertising, and they are encouraging more "plus-size" discussions. Body positivists have become more self-aware of the impact they may have by leading a self-love movement.

There are many influencers that illustrate the wonderful things our bodies are capable of, while others provide advice on how to be more accepting of our own bodies as well as the bodies of others, and you may join the movement by following the accounts mentioned below: 

1. Sakshi Sindwani (@stylemeupwithsakshi)

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The traditional media portrays slender, toned-bodied, attractive ladies as the ideal beautiful women. Sakshi Sindwani powerfully breaks this stereotype and uses her work to promote body positivity. She is a fashion influencer whose Instagram reels and fashion posts focus on helping women feel confident and beautiful in anything they wear or wish to wear. She creates a secure community for her fans with her fashion suggestions and empowering messages. 

2. Kadeeja Sel Khan (@emeraldxbeauty)

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Acne and pimple related embarrassments are unpleasant realities that have a negative impact on women's self-esteem. Kadeeja has struggled with acne since she was in high school and went to great lengths as a makeup artist to cover up blemishes. When a video tutorial revealed her bare skin and went viral in 2017, she realized she had a platform she could use to help normalize acne, show how much effort it takes to cover up and empower others to be more comfortable in their skin.

3. Harnaam Kaur (@harnaamkaur)

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Harnaam exudes self-assurance, which is reflected in her online presence. Harnaam was teased for her abundant facial hair from a young age since she had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a disease that creates a hormonal imbalance in the body. She now proudly wears her beard and has made a career out of it. Harnaam was the first lady with a beard to participate in the London Fashion Week in 2016.

4. Neha Parulkar (@nehaparulkar)

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It is difficult to persuade people that weight is not the only identity one may have; weight and size do not define a person. Neha, a plus-size model and body positivity advocate, describes herself as a 'normal next-door girl from Mumbai who supports and stands by the entire element of self-care and self-love.' She was one of India's first plus-size models and the only one to walk the Lakme Fashion Week runway four times in a row.

5. Neelakshi Singh (@plumptopretty)

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Neelakshi is a popular Instagram influencer and a well-known model who advocates for 'body positivity.' Her tale also encourages many women and men to realise the true meaning of beauty and to embrace their bodies. Neelakshi's posts are unconventionally innovative and she is also recognised for delving into societal concerns. Neelakshi Singh is a professional model who has worked for Vogue, walked the runway at Lakme Fashion Week, and shot for companies like Dove, Adidas, and others.

6. Dolly Singh (@dollysingh)

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Dolly Singh is one of several influencers who has been harassed because of her body type. She never fails to point out that thin shaming is also body-shaming and cannot be justified. Dolly is currently one of India's top influencers. She has utilised her social media platform to promote the message about body acceptance throughout the world, as well as to emphasise how skinny-shaming is a problem that needs to be eradicated. She has not only provided confidence to individuals of different body types with her great sense of humour and the guts to confront many things wrong with society's standards about the body, but she also takes it upon herself to correct many things wrong with society's standards about the body.

7. Aashna Bhagwani (@aashna_bhagwani)

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She is a plus-size fashion influencer and beauty blogger with her own business, 'Beyond The Bouffant.' She shows mesmerising designs for curvy ladies to wear on her site. She makes no apologies for her weight or size and frequently shares tales on body image and size acceptance. Her account is a must-follow for anybody searching for a way to appreciate their figure by giving worldwide fashion trends a desi twist. She refuses to conform to stereotypes regarding how fat women should dress. 

8. Deepica Mutyala (@deepica)

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Deepica Mutyala, the founder of Live Tinted, a multicultural community and beauty company, has made important contributions to the creation of an environment that celebrates various skin tones. Mutyala, an entrepreneur and Instagram and YouTube star, produced goods that directly addressed the requirements of the Live Tinted community, therefore changing the way people of colour see themselves. Her brand emphasised the need for better colour correctors for dark-skinned people, producing beauty necessities for people of colour who have frequently felt a lack of presence in the market.

9. Alok Vaid-Menon (@alokvmenon)

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Alok Vaid- Menon (they/them) is a gender non-conforming writer, actor, and public speaker who has received international acclaim. Their work as a mixed-media artist examines issues of trauma, belonging, and the human condition. Aside from pioneering the discussion on gender nonconformity, the Indian-American author is a key figure in spreading the idea of body acceptance. The performance artist leverages their social media presence to spark important conversations about self-acceptance. Most noticeable are their efforts to normalise body hair as a part of the self that should be regarded as attractive.

10. Ameena Azeez (@amenaazeez)

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Ameena Azeez’s objective as India's first plus-size fashion blogger and body positive influencer was to provide size-inclusive content, democratise fashion, and make it a more inviting environment for plus-size women. There was no plus-size or body-positive representation in India when Amena launched her blog in 2011. As a result, she established her blog as a means to express herself, her aesthetics, her style, and, most importantly, to connect with other plus-size women and show them that they, too, can be beautiful and love and have fun with fashion.

11. Nidhi Sunil (@nidhisunil)

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Thousands of Instagram profiles promote the concept that ‘beauty equals white,' which has become so firmly embedded in society that it has forcefully crossed racial borders to become a problem of ‘colorism,' or a desire for lighter skin tones within people's own racial grouping. Nidhi Sunil is a vocal opponent of this racism and colorism that is deeply embedded in Indian society. Nidhi, who is proud of her darker skin tone, took it upon herself to avoid society's filtering and 'looking down on dark skin.' She has been successful in shutting down all the 'racists' by appearing in top publications on many occasions as she redefined India's beauty standards.

12. Dipti Bharwani (@dipti.bharwani)

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Dipti Bharwani has made a name for herself by positively impacting others via her work. She is a plus-size model and fashion designer who defines herself as a body positive campaigner who is all about making women feel happy in their own skin, regardless of whether or not they choose to wear a bikini. She has assisted women in feeling powerful and confident in their own bodies.

The body positivity movement has had an influence on the fashion and advertising sectors, as well as the usage of social media and general levels of inclusion and acceptance of various body types within the larger community. While many of us may find it difficult to develop self-love, it is critical to recognise that some people encounter more tough obstacles than others. Following these body positive influencers gives us a sense of confidence and shows us that we’re not alone, and provides reassurance that the false beauty standards created by society will no longer stand. Whatever you believe in- body positivity, body freedom, or even body neutrality, keeping this in mind and actively trying to build a culture where everybody feels their best is crucial. 

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